Lucky talisman: what is there, how to make an amulet

talisman Good luck

Luck plays a very important role in the life of each of us. It often happens that a person does not seem to have received some benefit, but he just got lucky. So it is not surprising that many are interested in the questions: “How can we become more successful? How to attract Ms. Fortuna to win her over? "Then the talisman of success will come to the rescue.

Successful talisman varieties

All lucky charms fall into two main categories: live and non-live. The first group includes many plants:

  • For example, thecloveris ​​believed to bring good luck, but only to those who have four leaves (usually this flower consists of three branches and the probability of exception is 1: 10, 000. So surprisingNo, why quatrefoil is called the lucky talisman).
  • Another natural amulet that attracts happiness is thepine tree. Plant cones are especially valued in witchcraft. Esotericists recommend planting pine trees on your site (if you live in a private home) or placing their mini versions (bansai) in your apartment. Pine cones - characterized by fertility, abundance, safety. Moreover, not only mystics but also scientists who talk about the benefits of essential oils in needles present their views here. The latter has a beneficial effect on well-being, improves mood.
  • The Chinese usecorn herbas a natural amulet for luck and finances. Normally, the plant does not grow at home, but simply pick up 9 kernels of corn, make them from a mattress into a puppy, or use them to make beads. Corn is a symbol in China. The path of growth of whole cabbage from one cabbage is associated with strong vital energy, fertility. The yellow color of the seeds is solar energy, life force and happiness.

The second category - useless talismans:

  • Some of them belonged to the animal world. For example, an amulet has been known since the Middle Ages, which wishes you good luck and material wealth -rabbit leg. It was originally used by the ancient Celts, who noticed that rabbits are always born blind, but rabbits can see this world from birth. Therefore, they began to believe that the animal notices everything that covers the human field of vision. In addition, the rabbit lives in a hole - which shows its connection with the existence of the lower worlds. Those who wear rabbit legs (either as fasteners or hangers) ask their ancestors for help.
  • The
  • sailing boatis ​​another sacred symbol. Most of the former sailing ships were merchant ships. Their return home meant that the sailors brought a lot of gold, silk and other important goods. They eagerly awaited their arrival and rejoiced when the ship entered the harbor. Today you can buy an old ship model (most importantly, only with inflated sails). In this case, only a favorable wind will always accompany you.
  • Types of talismans and amulets
  • is ​​also quite a popular amulet for success - a personalizedtalisman stone. Here you do not have to "blow your finger in the sky", but it is much more correct to find help for astrology - in this science certain minerals are suitable for specific constellations, which gives them happiness. But other signs of the zodiac, by contrast, may not only be beneficial, but even harmful. Therefore, do not take risks, but study the information on this issue or consult a specialist.
  • Horseshoe- How can you forget this famous talisman of fate? Our ancestors endowed him with strong positive energy. Why? Because the fire in the smithy where the horsemen were created is associated with victory over evil forces. In addition, the horse leg was an attribute of the horse - an animal that faithfully served the people. Therefore, they began to attribute horse shoes to symbols that attract fate.

Where can I get a protective charm?

Of course, today there are many esoteric shops that offer clean items for all tastes and colors. You can also order a personal amulet from a witch who provides such services.

Indeed, all of the above methods are correct, but the best thing is to make your own talisman. The fact is that doing this with your own hands will invest parts of your energy, which greatly enhances the action.

How to make lucky charm: Methods

Method 1. Taliman with candle and thread

This is probably the easiest option to implement. To create it you will need to accumulate:

  • scarlet ribbon;
  • needle with green thread;
  • by candlelight.

The ideal time to work is at midnight, when the moon is in the full moon phase (this will further enhance the magical effect).

You have to light a candle, sit by the window and sew a ribbon from one end to the other and say the mystical words:

”I sew scarlet ribbon, I sew luck and good luck to myself. As now the ribbon will be thread, so I will have luck and luck! "

Repeat this expression before sewing. Finally, you need to combine the ribbon with the words in the phrase:

"Let it be so! "

That's it, your amulet is ready, always have it with you from now on, but do not show it to anyone.

Method 2. Magic wax

You only need one candle here. Moreover, its color and shape do not play any role - be guided by your personal desires.

When choosing a candle, wait until it enters the lunar rising phase and then you can start acting. Clearly light a candle in the middle of the night, and then whisper in a whisper to it everything you want passionately, whatever you want to get. You have to say exactly the same thing until the candle burns completely.

The remaining wax will become your mystical amulet, because it is full of energy of your thoughts and desires, it will attract your request. It is important not to touch the wax until it has hardened, as otherwise you may spoil the pattern of fate on it. Then place it in a nice bag and keep it in a safe place.

Method 3. A stone amulet for fulfilling wishes

Natural material will be the best assistant in attracting luck. Therefore, if you suddenly notice quite a pebble while walking on the beach or while walking in another place of nature (next to the reservoir) - take it and use it as an amulet.

You need to draw whatever you want on it in any form: words, pictures, symbols. Then make three circles around the reservoir counterclockwise while you think about your dream. Finally, vote in the spring and you go home, sincerely believing that what you want will soon become real.

Method 4. Fate in a bag

Fate in the bag

To create this charm, you need to arrange a piece of red cloth and a bunch of dried herbs (spices, mint, cloves, bay leaves or others that you sympathize with).

Create a cloth bag (ideally on the new moon) at night, and in the morning fill it with herbs and say the Lord's Prayer. Then say these words:

”I plant grass by God's command, for me by chance and luckily! Let it be so! ".

For the next 3 full moons the bag should be placed next to the window. With the right actions you will get a charming talisman that will start attracting luck in different areas of life and will work for more than a year.

Method 5. Charming Knives Talisman

You need to save some money for this amulet. Start saving coins on the new moon, collect them in 6 days and in 7 days - buy any item on it. The main thing is that you really like DIY, then it will work more.

The remaining amount of the purchase is wasted at the point of crossing the shoulder, in the following words:

"Paid, pay everything in full! Ი ყოსᲘსე! ".

Then go home, never turn around or start any conversation on the way.

Amulet Activation

Not enough to know how to make a talisman for success, you still need to charge it properly. After all, the most important thing here is the energy invested in the subject. The stronger your desires, emotions, thoughts and aspirations, the stronger the talisman will work.

It does not matter so much whether you buy an amulet or make your own. However, of course, the latter option is still more effective.

and to improve its performance, you need to perform one simple ceremony. On the night of the new moon they take a crystal cup, fill it with water, put a talisman in it. Then fold the fingers of the cup into a triangle and apply to the moon with a request to give the symbol strength.

Good luck in life!