DIY Amulet Good luck at home

Amulets were used for success by our ancestors in ancient times to attract money and wealth. Every person who has ever lived on our planet had their own versions of this talisman. This article will show you how to follow their leadership and wish you success.

Choose which amulet is better

A little luck will not hurt all people and a successful amulet will do it. Life with him will be better in every way, because without luck he will not be able to do anything. There are three options for buying your own amulet.

amulet of good luck and prosperity

You can find it by accident, make it yourself or buy it. The way you get the amulet for success determines its strength and action.

Accidentally found shells, stones and similar items can be a success. This includes the four-leaf clover - one of the oldest and most famous symbols of success.

If clover grows around the house, you can try to find one that has four sheets instead of three. It should be dried and taken with you so as not to damage it and accidentally lose it. For example, placing under a clean cabochon works well.

Other items found by chance are usually not random at all. Intuition suggests that it was worth taking this stone or shell. You will realize for yourself what luck can bring. It is best to go to the river or sea for stones. Accidentally found amulets do not require cleaning or recharging. Some consider them a gift from a higher power.

Coins bring not only luck but also money. If you find a coin whose year of issue coincides with your year of birth, you can be said to be very lucky. It can be used as a talisman, the coin will bring good luck, especially great success in career and money matters.

Those who are not lucky enough to discover by chance, prefer to make amulets with their own hands for success. This is a very good option because the item absorbs your energy even during the manufacturing process. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Usually, handmade amulets need activation for luck. Usually, these are simple conspiracies. You should regularly pay for the amulet with your own energy so as not to lose power.

This type of talisman includes a variety of independently made home-made jewelry, bags with herbs and other components, nausea, pictures, personally counterfeit horses and similar items.

You need to choose an option that you can really do. Many work creatively for magical purposes, filling items with magic and acquiring not only beautiful products but also magical assistants.

If you do not know how to attract lucky charm, try to start with any simple method of making any jewelry, brooches or other items. Do not choose too complicated equipment and then the business will be crowned with success.

Nowadays you can buy almost anything, including amulets and talismans for various purposes. This is a quick way to get an amulet that works well for busy or non-creative people.

But you should know that purchased amulets require mandatory cleansing, activation and energy. Charge talismans regularly, both purchased and in person. Do not forget that you do not know what kind of energy the thing carries in its head and whose hands touched it before you bought it. This is a significant disadvantage of amulets that are sold in stores and markets.

How to clear purchased fortune amulets

Any magic item that you personally did not do in your head in a positive way requires cleaning. This is necessary because, instead of a lucky amulet, you can get a charged object who knows what and with whose energy. Much has been said about the fact that objects can transfer energy of a different nature.

How to choose an amulet for luck and success

Cleaning from negative energy is done using four elements. These are air, fire, water and earth. The air can be represented by an incense stick that must be used to smoke the object.

A good option for incense, sandalwood, pine or any other that has cleansing properties. You can make your own incense. Church incense, which has strong cleansing properties, works well. Some people prefer to leave the amulet for a while so that it is exposed to the wind.

After that, you should wear the amulet on the candle flame. If possible, set fire to the object and click on it. But it must be done carefully, especially if it is made, for example, of wood. When it is impossible to move the object on fire, at least place it by candlelight. The candle can be ordinary or ecclesiastical.

The amulet of success must be rinsed with water. It is advisable to rinse with running water, for example, to hold it in a stream or river. The longer you do this, the stronger the effect will be. Some people prefer to spray amulets with clear water, this is a good option.

If it is not possible to get clear water or access a natural water source, you can flush the tap water thoroughly. And the last stage is to bury it in the ground. This is hard, which is why most people leave the salts in the objects overnight, after which the salt is thrown out or rinsed in the drain.

How to make an amulet a success

This simple ritual is used for both purchased amulets and success. After cleaning you will be fined for any magic items if you did not do it yourself.

How to charge an amulet for good luck

The best time to do this is midnight, the lunar phase corresponding to the purpose for which the amulet should serve. In this case, it is the attraction of luck, so the phase of the moon rises or the full moon.

Three candles are needed. You can buy them at church, or you can take the usual. Of course, the first is preferred.

Place the candles in the triangle and your amulet in the center.

Then look at him and say three times:

My talisman now, on my fate!

Good luck and good luck to me,

Problems and bad weather will lead me.

Now take your talisman in hand. Concentrate on the goals for which you need his help. Imagine how they should behave and specifically what should help. Try to feel the energy that fills the object with your palms.

Determine for yourself the time you need to spend. Now the talisman is ready to use, but it will need to be recharged from time to time as the power of the object will be spent on attracting luck to you.

How to make an amulet for luck with your own hands

Bag amulets are known to everyone and can be made for success. Like all magic works for this purpose, they are done on epilation or full moon. Making a bag is quite simple.

You need to sew it from a small seam and fill it with the appropriate items to bring good luck. The finished bag is in your pocket or purse, you can keep it in your wallet.

The color of the lucky bag fabric is red. This color has always been considered the color of luck, money and prosperity. It is better to choose natural fabric as well as yarn. When making a bag, concentrate on the purpose for which you are doing it.

What to do with the amulet for success and prosperity

Plants are practically the main component of these bags. To succeed, choose orange peel, aloe, pomegranate peel, strawberry leaves, nutmeg, board, fern, apple blossom, hazelnut, bay leaf, moss, grass, anise star, violet, cinnamon. Of course, do not forget the four-leaf clover and the common clover, which is considered a symbol of success.

You can add a piece of turquoise to the bag, this stone brings good luck. It can be a chip, a cabochon, or a small bead. Small figures depicting horses, clover leaves, a knot of luck, a goldfish, ladies and other famous symbols of success. Can be put in a bag with rabbit foot.

The finished bag can be lubricated with essential oil from time to time, for example, when charging an amulet. Cinnamon, lotus, orange, anise work well.

Not all the folk signs associated with amulets for success have reappeared. This modern pace of life does not allow us to notice the trifles, at a time when our ancestors had centuries in which it was possible to determine whether any magical thing.