How to make the luck with their hands

good luck with their hands

Good luck, as is well known, not much happens. To attract there are a lot of ways, and charms — one of the most effective. Powerful amulet for good luck you can do it with your hands.

Faith in anything unusual and mystical, lived in humans for centuries. Studying the elements of nature and using your intuition, you slowly collect the valuable knowledge. With the use of such knowledge, as well as the guided magical threads and vibrations, the people were building talismans, attract love, wealth, finance and luck.

As a mascot you can use, and the purchase price, subject, however, is not the only energy that enters him by the owner. You can make a talisman from any scrap materials. Listen to your intuition. To be able to tell you what is best for you: natural stones, wood, iron or thread.

Mascot, attracting good luck

One of the surest ways to purchase a stone that fits in the Sign of the zodiac. This talisman you will be able to speak for herself, because the stones are willing to obey those who have similar energy. Well, after you decided which stone suits you, start the ritual. Select the day, when the planet-patras, your sign will be very strong, put the amulet in the palm of your hand and tighten it. Try to think of something pleasant. Just feel the warmth emanating from the stone, say:

"Protection is selected, the owner was found. My good luck charm to help me, the luck to multiply. I'm wearing, I don't make, no problems, no worries, I don't know".

The mascot would have to wear closer to the body, no one shows. The ideal solution would be to use it as a necklace, hiding it under his clothes.

Good luck with their hands

Good luck

To capricious Fortune often have given attention to you, try to flush her out. To do this, draw in bright red or red ribbon image of the Moon, the Sun, the earth and water. You should plan to have a relationship and image smoothly flowed from one another. Colorful yarns from natural materials embroider the images. Use different colors, for example, white for the Moon, blue for water, brown for ground and orange for the Sun. This movie should show all the elements. Day and night I just leave it on the window sill, and then, drip the water and a little sprinkle from the ground. Then shake the result of mascot and say:

"Power of the Sun, day the earth, and the Moon, night, water impressive! Call on you, yourself, I trust you, luck I'm looking for, from you I expect an answer. I urge all power to the union, I have your luck for glory. On all 4 sides of worship, around myself to change".

Film wear as a mascot for himself. Can leave the house, so the family was always poor.

Natural charm

According to popular belief, the earth is close to a natural source of full power. To take advantage of this, you need to get from there to a small pebble, which is treated water, three times a dip in the source, and then a hard bite to the hand and say with a speech:

"The forces of nature in my hands. My luck is sturdy, like the stone, the liquid, such as water, the power of heaven and earth is endowed. It will follow relentlessly. Yes it will always be like that."

In a place like this and great success you will find a pebble with small hole — chicken god. In case, if you find it, you can consider yourself winning

Choose a charm from the heart,

As a mascot you can use any thing that is with you for a long time and is present in more happy moments in his life. For example, it can become a keychain, a pin, a pen, which you have subscribed to an important document. Think about it, you definitely have an issue with that will be a little more lucky. In case of doubt, put in front of you a few objects, to examine them. What's the attraction? Take talisman in the hand. When it comes in contact with the owner is slightly heated. We found you? Wear it in all important events to capricious Fortune was to remember with fondness.

When choosing a mascot important role is played by emotions, therefore, the mood should be good. Remember that all the charms and amulets love respect and they need to recharge. Don't forget to thank them when you have accomplished something, and you have a revenge attracts good luck into your life. I wish you all the best