Amulet for luck and money: how to make at home, conspiracy

Each draws attention to the fact, that some of the things that bring success. In important meetings or events to attract good luck man dressed in the "glad" clothes, she takes some important products. The sports teams has its own charm that brings them good luck. Random or enter into some interaction with the man?

What can be considered to be considered to be an amulet?

Common phenomenon, when guardian is detected the same. It should be noticed randomly acquired trinket, clothes, brought an animal in the house, all of a sudden begin to "run" for success and luck. Meeting with the mascot of a non-random, something you pulled: texture, color, shape. If a similar amulet didn't show up in your life enough to buy or build with their hands. What can serve as a mascot? Here all depends on preferences, why talisman should be like. This can be:

  • A souvenir?
  • Coins, horseshoe?
  • Jewelry: pendants, pins, rings?
  • Leather goods?
  • Things from fabric?
  • Jewelry?
  • Shells?
  • Pets?
  • Flowers, trees and other plants?

It is appropriate to obtain amulet of natural materials, has warm energy.

Talismans according to Zodiac signs


Correctly chosen the magical element plays an important role, because you need to pay attention to the observance of the calendar.

With a good luck charm, selected in accordance with your sign will be easier to fix the energy metabolism, will be more quickly "make friends".

Talisman for good luck and the activation

The amulet, which is made with hands, has more power. It is important to execute the rules, to the magic item could gain the power:

  • to be in a good mood, with good thoughts?
  • you are not allowed to do during the course of the disease?
  • the situation must be quiet, relaxed?
  • to anyone don't talk about the mascot and not get into the wrong hands?
  • amulets is recommended to do on a Sunday to the moon was in a phase of development?

Before proceeding to the construction of a mascot with their hands, you need to decide the form, such as in a configuration defined sense of the sacred:

  • cycle — promotes stability in the financial cases?
  • oval — helps in business?
  • the square — a symbol of permanence;
  • triangle — brings good luck?



It is an easy and effective good luck charm. This amulet is easy to construct with their hands at home — you will only need a natural fiber. Good luck at work we use the thread of wool: tie on the 9 knot, mentally follow any wishes of success in areas where you want to reach the heights. Storage by design will not become a reality. Should not be administered amulet foreigners. To attract prosperity, preferably in the wrist to wear the bracelet made of red, white and black yarn, twisted between them, with an odd number of zavyazok. Knots magic tested for centuries and was widely used by our ancestors.


It is a sacred items printed symbols. They are made from different materials, each bearing the magic value:

  • Wood, stone — versatile in application?
  • Genuine leather — attracts cash flow?
  • Clay — suitable for fortune telling;
  • Bones, teeth of animals are used in black magic?

To make a talisman these runes signals on your own is better than clay, wood. These materials are well amenable to treatment, symbols are applied burning, or engraving. After the stripping and the paint ready amulet you have to enable it. On a sheet of paper, write a plot, it is permissible to use the text, most importantly, do not apply particle "not". Say the name of each runes, burn up the sheet above the flame of the candle, ashes expand with the wind. Fire after the ritual pay off drops of wine. Before you charge magic items, you need to learn the values of the characters. The names of the runes, charged in luck: hyères, the bear. To store the charms you need inside the bag away from prying eyes. Sometimes you remove, you hold in your hands, warming the breath, so is the charging.



The most simple, but powerful amulet for good luck that you can do with your hands to attract the success. How to make a similar mascot?

For the work you will need:

  • Church candle?
  • Half water capacity:
  • Match(new boxes);
  • Fabric case?
  • Little paper bag?

A candle to install in a glass of water, to burn and to read the spell, while it's lit the fire. Remove the floating pieces of wax, the favorite of the shape and place it in a small package of paper, and then, in a purse of cloth. Talisman for good luck — is ready, they carry constantly in your pocket or your bag.

Great choice of talisman for good luck

Create yourself that the object is not different from the construction of small amulets. Have large dimensions, therefore, may cause a symbol, therefore, increases the protective action.

If you do not have the capacity to do charm by yourself — you can buy it. In this case, the amulet also, you need to charge. To produce is available in a variety of ways: dipped in a salt solution, keep it under the rays of the sun, a sprinkle of holy water.

To build the amulet is not difficult, as long as we believe, that will bring in your life happiness and good luck.