Amulets and talismans to attract money and good luck

amulets for wealth and good luck

To gain economic stability and improve your financial situation will help you amulets to attract money and charms of good fortune. The presence of finance you do not have to do with how the man works, and how the "love" of money and to attract them into your life. Magical paraphernalia will help you in this matter and will attract success, thanks to the power amulets.

Ancient amulets for wealth and good luck

The essence of the action to the ancient amulets applies to the following directions:

  • participation of the energy money in your home?
  • reprogramming of consciousness in a positive way to achieve the plenty?
  • education "magnet for money", converting the energy of space to the economic flow.

Working with energy happens on a minute level, without the support of the dark forces, without affecting the will of the other.

Imperial amulet

For the construction of the find a whole currency, with no holes in it, the bigger it is, the year of the version, the better. You can get not only a royal currency, but also the anniversary of rubles. The mascot is wrapped with tape and carry it with you, in your bag or in your pocket, if you wear it on your neck, then you will need to drill this hole for the rope.

Imperial amulet


Slavic amount of amulets are presented as follows highly respected varieties:

  • The star of the Cross of these, it helps to achieve a specific goal, in which he will try with all my soul.
  • Agrimony happiness is set to attract revenue and good luck to your family, with protection taken accumulation of waste.
  • Belobog represents happiness, good luck and prosperity, pulling profits in all cases and the elimination of conflicts in the family.

Important! Regardless of the way while wearing a mascot's power doesn't change, you can choose the most suitable option – in the neck, in your pocket, in your wallet.

Financial mill

Saxon's image is a special rune type that occurs in the millstone. A good-luck charm aimed at the strong attraction and accumulation of economic flow from all possible sources.


Rare amulet in the form of coins of Golden Horde, bringing the strap before tying it in the shape of a cross. The mascot I made to show to people, you have to hide it under your clothes from prying eyes.


Mascot of the royal coins has a strong protective power, eliminating any frustrations, disappointments and financial problems. This is usually a copper coin, the talk in the profit and fortune of the particular owner.

Important! If the coins touch the other person, will need to be recharged by removing the water and the salt.

The masonic

The power of a talisman lies in the attracting of wealth and power, the secret is not open, and the ritual of carrying out the ritual on Masonic charm known only to the chosen ones. Is the talisman found in every member of the secret masonic society, has enormous power, and not only serves as an attractive decoration.

Of altai

The mascot is made from natural minerals, the earth and the bark of trees Altaya, supply of power, attracting economic prosperity. Special ceremonies help to awaken this power for the fate of the particular individual.

Runic charms

Image runes, responsible for the economic well-being, stir in one part, the maximum about of money, this can be a safe deposit box or a wallet, as well as keychain, mobile phone, portable computer, if they are related to your work.

Appeal for money has rune Fehu, it allows you to take advantage of any situation and wrap it to their advantage, even the poor economic situation. Constant contact with rune for luck, will bring the expected material luck. See the image, explain what you expect and in what form and to receive the required help.

Important! Runes do not help in criminal acts based on a lie, fraud and theft.

Chinese amulets

Attract money chinese amulet with the image of character "Wealth", should be in every home for the attraction of the cash flows. Properties of characters to attract money in the house and not to a specific person, for the welfare of the family.

Hieroglyph depicting the individual objects, a wall mural, and to enhance their properties in the presence of fresh oranges. Fruits placed in a wicker basket that put in the image or in the center of the house. To enhance the energy properties of the pipeline for the acquisition of spiritual wealth, it serves the statue of a deer.

Amulet early islam

Amulet early islam

Eastern amulet occurs as the coins illustrated in the drawings and shapes in the islamic tradition. Provides communication with the Prophet, and you can only use the faithful muslims of the prayer, Allah listens and gives you success in business and finance. Get the currency better in the shop near to a mosque and to keep it for himself by taking up the prayers of the Prophet, to convey to him the requests.

The money detector

The amulet is a stylized image of hands with white letters are magical symbols. Pictured the guy gets the money, creating energy currents to attract good luck and mental harmony. The most appropriate location for the placement of the – above the door. The money detector can be mounted above the work surface, then waiting for the increase of salaries and career development.

Financial bowl

Amulet you can do it on your own: in a bowl, stack of gold coins, the bay leaves, the orange zest, the cinnamon, the cloves, can be filled with gold ornaments. The perfect place to host bowls – living room, only, so that it was hidden from prying eyes.

Pentagram Of Solomon

Pentagram Of Solomon

Mascot otherwise referred to as the "seal of Solomon", according to legend, the name is shown in the ring of the great ruler. Power amulet allows you to use properties of the sorcerers and the magicians and ordinary people to achieve economic prosperity.

How to make a talisman for good luck and money with their hands

From the thread

The ideal time for construction – the full moon and then full.

  1. Buy thread green (wealth), red (for fulfilment of desire) and blue (the successful application of color).
  2. From these weaving plait my tight locking thread and tie in the form of a bracelet. During the operation, imagine what benefits you would like to achieve (a new project, the increase of wages, career advancement, winning the lottery).
  3. Ready the amulet you wear to the ankle of the left foot, until you notice the changes in your financial situation. After guardian must be burned to tell the Universe thank you for the help.

Manufacturer mascot – a serious matter, should not be distracted in extraneous conversations and other stimuli, focus on work.


The most powerful amulet, which is directly related to the energy of money is the currency, you don't want, for example, a cent or a penny. Select with their feelings and constantly carry in your wallet. The cleansing ritual, followed by hex is able to convert the currency in strong cash mascot.


The value of the notes does not affect the magical properties, the most important, be careful maintained the exchange in any case. You can choose a bill on your own, to get the gift, or the first profit in a new reality.

The cash tray

The mascot is a bag linen pouch of blue cloth, filled with stones, bringing financial luck – this turquoise. The sew with their hands, and then piled up on him the coins and notes in the cultivation of their nominal value, starting with the new moon on a daily basis. You can lubricate the eucalyptus oil.

After the filling is pronounced zagovornye words: "I Drive the score not rubles, and thousands of, financial luck your call and attractive, yourself I'm leaving!". Count all the money, folded in a case, three times.

Store mascot in one place, associated with your business, no one show. Periodically conspiracy repeat, holding a bag in his hands and focuses on financial flows, which seek to you.


You can choose the appropriate version mascot among the many variations – information goldfish, related with red string, coins or money toads with a coin in his mouth. The status of the financial magnets have shoots of plants, secretly cut in the bank, or the "stolen" at home with good income.

Fyke mouse and other similar mascot put in your wallet, where you have to control effectively luck of money. Wearing the charms we constantly have to save the beneficial properties for attracting the profits.

Amulet of birch bark

The energy of the birch wood will help you to attract good luck and money, to do this you will need:

  • church candle?
  • the water in the tank?
  • bag linen purse?
  • boxes of matches.

A candle fixed in a glass of water, set on fire and mentally visualize cash flow looking for in your. Over the fire passes in front of your birch bark, be careful not to burn. Then, the bark and the pieces to become swollen candle wrapped in a clean sheet of paper folded in linen bag purse and carry it in your bag and in your pocket.



The origin of the heathen amulet for good luck is associated with the ancient faith that more than just the home of the soup, the richer the master. A modern variant of the sweet-zagrebacki represented by a miniature souvenir of carved jewelry, the gold, silver or copper. The magical properties of freshwater are based on the faith of the holder into an opportunity to improve specific areas of life by means of wearing an amulet:

  • the increase in revenue and a solution to any financial problems, save money and accumulation;
  • effective protection from the evil eye and envy from the side of their critics, to the income you're getting hitched.

Silver enhances the properties of freshwater, preventing the penetration of negative energy from abroad, therefore, the classic is considered a good luck charm sterling silver spoon-Zagrebacka.

Charms for good luck and money from the Feng Shui

A financial frog

The most popular amulet feng shui – tips frog, which is made of onyx, jade, or other minerals. The correct placement – across the street from the front door, with the back, like the guy who jumps at home, bringing wealth. Frog you can put in the living room, near the aquarium and in the south-east of the house, and next to the mount of the coins, the mint leaves and basil.

Do not place trehlapye frog in high tables and shelves, because she's afraid of height.


God Khotey represents prosperity, abundance, and attracts economic prosperity. The effigies are made of clay, wood, stone, construction material does not affect its properties to bring money luck.

This figurine of the god sets you in the hallway, extending her face towards the door to leave into cash flow and left it at home. Effectively placed Hotea on the desktop or sector of wealth in his house, in the south-east. To Khotey was benevolent this, half the fun god from the stomach, when thinking about the future economic arrivals.

Money tree

Money tree

The living plant is called "jade" with rounded leaves, which symbolizes coins, which will be at home more and more. The tree gets a gift, can't buy, then your house will be filled with the harmony thanks to the influx of energy wealth and prosperity.

Coins with red thread

Such coins are traditionally called "chinese". For the creation of the mascot coins with special holes, string the red thread or wire. To post a bunch of coins you can at home or in the office, decorate the pot with money plant or the bag the wallet. The coins, as a manifestation of money, you will attract the wealth and the color red cable or band — aid their action.


The energy of abundance is in the chinese source, which symbolizes the cash flow that blooms in your home. Source luck can be depicted in the picture, small pots with sources feature in the south-east sector of the house – a zone of wealth, which will enable the dots to attract financial luck.

A fishbowl with goldfish

One of the most important chinese symbols monetary luck is gold fish and live fish in the aquarium represent the participation of in life. Aquarium placed in the south-east, so that the energy of money, lived at home.

The amount of charms and amulets to attract in your financial well-being, and multiply profit. Proper communication with them, the cleaning and charging in conjunction with the faith of the owner in luck creating economic flow on your side, providing stability and gain profit in all cases.