The cost of amulets from beads

Many handicraft women spend their free time cutting beads. And indeed, you can get incredible beauty masterpieces from small colored beads.

But few people think that amulets made of beads provide strong protection from the negative influences of the external, including the magical environment.

Beaded jewelry is a real talisman

Bead pendant as an amulet of success

People who have been ignorant until now believe that all the jewelry that a person wears on themselves is just a manifestation of good taste and a reflection of style. But our ancestors already knew about the enormous power of charming gizmos and used them for their intended purpose.

Beads are rightly considered a mystical tool whose main effect is its color. Each shade carries its own sacred meaning and the combination of colors adds strength.

It is enough to know the interpretation of the basic color scheme to change your life through different schemes and color schemes at your discretion. Moreover, embroidery or beads will look good on others, but for its owner it will become a real protection and support.

The best part is that you do not have to have beadwork skills to make your own bead amulet. It is enough to use the scheme, have the necessary set of small beads and some skills to get an effective amulet for you and your loved ones. You can and should decorate the apartment, workplace, clothes with bead products. Most importantly, understand the meaning of each color.

The meaning of colors

Traditionally, rainbow beads of seven primary colors, as well as white and black products, are used to make bead amulets. In fact, these nine colors are the focus of pure color magic and, after studying its basics, you can harmonize life by removing everything superfluous and negative from it.

  1. Red symbolizes the energy of love and feelings. The charm of red beads will help you find your love, harmonize relationships and gain trust.
  2. Orange provides vital nutrition from nature itself. If you need urgent, though invisible, support for all natural elements, feel free to wear an amulet with orange beads.
  3. Yellow is the color of victory. It gives the owner success in business, in the game and in life in general.
  4. Green is a symbol of physical strength and especially health. You can wear a talisman made of green beads if you want to lose weight, get rid of the disease quickly or improve your general health.
  5. Blue conveys inner peace and harmony, both in oneself and at home. It gives knowledge, expands the horizon of cognition.
  6. Blue is used when the question concerns children. This color is best suited for children's amulets. Moreover, they can be worn by both children and parents. If you are not yet a child, then this particular color talisman will help you to nurture them.
  7. Purple is associated with work, finances, career. It helps a lot to find the desired position, ensures the success of transactions.
  8. White is considered a ritual color and is ideal for certain purposes (for example, used in magic). It helps to accumulate your own forces and cosmic energies.
  9. The black symbol is wisdom, the stopping of thoughts, the spiritual pursuit. It also indicates that the person is at the beginning of the road.

Of course, it is not necessary to weave all the colors in one product at a time. At the very least, it would be ugly and ineffective.

ᲛImportant! For maximum pay, experienced craftsmen, who understand a lot about magic, recommend using no more than 3-4 colors at a time.

Our ancestors were especially skilled in making all kinds of amulets. The most interesting thing is that even in ancient times women adorned themselves much more majestically and often. However, this was required not to appear better, but to protect their own energy, which by definition is considered more vulnerable than men.

From here appeared a huge number of all kinds of jewelry and jewelry, which means that there is a large number of choices. You can make almost any item from beads and if you wish it will become a reliable amulet.


Comb with beads as a lucky charm

A variety of pendants are considered to be the simplest amulet of protection. Their essence lies in the fact that with the slightest movement the pendant emits a sound barely perceptible to the human ear, which, nevertheless, is clearly heard for extraterrestrial beings. The pendant can be attached to brooches, earrings, belts, hats and women's handbags.

A comb that serves to catch the hair is considered to be a particularly effective amulet. By the way, charming combs can be used in magical action as well. For example, a sick haircut helps to cure the disease, gives it energy. For decoration it is best to choose bone or wood combs with seven teeth. This form additionally protects against diseases, evil eye and old age.

Ancient colts or temple rings have now been transformed into more practical headscarves and rings. It is enough to buy an ordinary product in the store, decorate it with beads with your own hands and now the most powerful Slavic amulet is ready.

Especially popular today is the exquisite jewelry in the form of a wide necklace that covers most of the chest. In ancient times they were called moons, but even today the power of the moon helps to protect us from evil spirits and any manifestation of the power of the other world.

Mascots for women and men

Bracelet as an amulet of success

From beads you can make earrings and rings with your own hands. The use of special symbols and signs in these products brings prosperity, fertility and stability. An exclusive beaded amulet can be a wrist bracelet. Moreover, such products, depending on the appearance, can be worn by both women and men. The key is to choose a scheme that will help you bring what you want to life.

As already mentioned, men need less protection, but they have invented pretty beaded amulets. In particular, these are bracelets and various grandparents that are firmly entrenched in youth fashion today. Handmade cuffs and tie pins are suitable for the older generation. In extreme cases, the amulet can be hidden in a wallet, purse, left in the car, at work or stored at home.

Process characteristics

How to make Slavic amulets from beads? The art of magic has specific instructions for this. Knowledgeable people turn grains into a real ritual with proper attributes, atmosphere and spells. At home, you can do it in a simpler way.

Important: When creating a talisman, clearly imagine the person or purpose for which you are doing it.

The amulet will automatically be embedded with the necessary energy, filling it with strength, intention and mood.

If for some reason, the beaded amulet is torn, do not try to restore it to its original shape. This is a sign that the protective mascot has done its job. It is necessary to collect everything that is left of it, bury it in the ground or throw it in the pool. And be sure to thank the little one for their dedicated service.