Amulet for success with your own hands

From ancient times the people believed in the power of magic and its ability to protect them from the forces of evil in another world. To this end, they prepare the amulet for success, the strength of which does not depend on the form and material of production, but on the unwavering belief in its power.

Lucky Rooney Amulet

Protect me, my mascot,

Save me in the days of persecution;

In the days of repentance, the thrill:

You gave me a day of sorrow.

Of course, many remember such beautiful lines of the famous poet and although it was on a special ring, for many their own mascot has a meaning in life and, in most cases, they are associated with more pleasant events designed to bring good luck.

In general, this is exactly the purpose of any clear talisman: luck in all endeavors, protection from misfortune, and success, after all.

Like our constant companions, they are small in size. Of course, this is also a strictly individual element, so we will tell you how to make an amulet with your own hands at home, it is this approach to production that is most optimal.

Definition of amulet and its function

Types of amulets for success

For many centuries, a significant number of people have sought to find certain items, such magical properties, that would help a person in his initiatives and actions or protect him from misfortune.

It can be said that amulets and charms have received classification and division during this time:

  • Protect its owner;
  • Danger warning;
  • Help solve problems;
  • To attract happiness and success.

It should be obvious that in case of trying to use them negatively, in order to harm others, such an amulet will inevitably lose its magical power. That is, the initial use is for good and clear purposes only.

But, we repeat, in order to get it, you do not need pure professional skills or to acquire it. How to make an amulet for success with your own hands, now we will tell you in detail.

First, the amulet form

Amulet pendant for success

Certain forms of amulets have a solid basis, ie you must first set yourself a clear purpose - what it is intended for and, therefore, decide on the type and material.

If small dimensions are generally understood because the amulet should always be with us, then each type of form means the following:

  • The circle is a symbol of prosperity and harmony;
  • Oval is a sign of talent and flexibility in decision making;
  • Square - is a symbol of strength and permanence, which symbolizes the strength of all four elements;
  • Triangle - promotes contact with higher powers, attracts success.

This is what is called the most common forms of magical items. In addition to them, of course, there is more. For example, in the form of a star with different numbers of rays, animal silhouettes, human hearts, etc. Sh.

By the way, even a coin that has a specially made hole for hanging on a cable or chain, or an already originally issued hole such as a Japanese or Chinese coin, can come out as an amulet. Such mascots, usually for wealth and prosperity, can often be found as a fashionable attribute or decoration.

Even a dice or a small wooden tablet is perfect as a square shaped amulet. And the mascot in the form of one or more knots is an excellent amulet on the one hand against negative influences and, on the other hand, to attract good luck.

Second, the material for the amulet

Wooden amulet for success

There is, of course, much more room for imagination here.

However, we must remember one important but iron rule:

The material of the amulet can be only and exclusively natural, not artificial!

No less in demand, this advantage is pleasing to the touch, as sometimes the amulet can be constantly moved with the fingers, causing only soothing and positive sensations.

Therefore, the first thing that it offers itself is a tree whose various interesting and attractive and sometimes, in very, magical terms, precious species can easily be processed at home. Amulets made of metal or even different fabrics are equally popular.

The magic of the signs of the zodiac

Runes on the Amulet of Success

When talking about amulets, one can not go through the signs of the zodiac, because each of them carries its own, only for him innate magic, which is reflected in the objects.

After all, we are well aware of how they differ from each other, which means that if we are talking about the individuality of the talisman, then we can not do without a more precise adjustment for each of them.

For the most part, this process has already been described, leaving only its testing and self-use:

  • Aries, preferably a round or square amulet, colors - orange, green;
  • Taurus, an animal mascot is preferred, more precisely, even an elephant, the colors are light;
  • Gemini, the best form is in the form of keys or locks, the colors are blue, blue and white;
  • Cancer, the basic forms are the heart or the moon, or the cancer figure or image made of gold, i. e. the colors are gold;
  • The lion, a round-shaped talisman, or itself in the form of a lion or an eagle, is also golden in color;
  • Virgin, pure handmade clay or plaster, light colors;
  • The scales are also in shape but the colored material is silver;
  • Scorpio, in the form of a frog or its image, is red in color;
  • Sagittarius, the choice of bronze in the form of a horse, arrow or scarab beetle;
  • Capricorn, amulet in the form of a ladder or coin, the color or material itself is gold;
  • Aquarius, again purely handmade, associated with the sky (flight) - a bird or little angel feather;
  • Pisces is the most water-associated sign, so for them only color is defined - blue.

Basic conditions of creation

Make an amulet of success with your own hands

It should be no less obvious that amulets are not created at any time, but even on certain days and even hours.

The first thing to remember after deciding on the shape, color and material is that it is best to start creating it with the rising moon. The moon itself at this time facilitates all endeavors.

Secondly, there is a difference in the days of the week, as each of them has its own planet, which should be promoted, for example:

  • Wednesday - about money;
  • On Friday it is best to make love amulets;
  • On Sunday, an amulet is made for success.

Third, it is necessary to create amulets only in an atmosphere of complete calm and concentration. Both candles and sunlight are suitable as lighting. At the same time, the state should be calm - not to be irritating and negative, only a positive emotional mood and not to be bothered by anything.

Fourth, when the job is done, be sure to wrap the amulet in a cloth and place it under a pillow overnight. It is important for your subconscious to have a more complete connection with what you are putting in the talisman, to sort it out perfectly, after which the amulet can be considered completely ready.

Fifth, another important rule is to try not to stray from your amulet, always keep it with you, but do not show it to strangers and, moreover, do not talk about its strengths and capabilities. This special knowledge is too intimate to get to know strangers without the risk of harming yourself.

It is very important to follow these basic rules, otherwise you can not be sure that the amulet obtained, made with his own hands, at least to some extent can fulfill its purpose.

Recently, in addition to the shape, colors and signs of the zodiac, the traditions of the Chinese lunar calendars, in particular the symbolism of a particular year, have gained some popularity. There is no reason to doubt the deep and centuries-old wisdom of the East, so let’s look at magical items according to their calendar.

What powerful amulets for success can be used in everyday life?

Such talismans can be not only pictures, but also amulets made of stones, animals and plants. In the meantime, we recommend that you read the list of the most powerful amulets.

The most powerful magic amulets for success:

  • Bamboo twigs. It turns out that this durable plant can be safely used to make a personal amulet. After all, bamboo is a symbol of success and prosperity in any start-up business. According to Feng Shui, in order to activate the power of the plant, it must be placed in the eastern room;
  • The horse is another no less powerful amulet that attracts good luck. It protects against poverty and misery. Many countries still use this amulet. A horse made of iron possesses the pure power of fire and metal elements. It is said that a person who finds a horse from a horse will get lucky all his life.
  • Such a rider should be hung in the house, above the front door, the ends down. Thus, no evil force can penetrate your fortress. Your family will receive strong protection from magic and harm. If you put a horse with horns, there will always be prosperity and financial well-being in the house;
  • Scarab Beetle - an amulet to attract good luck, came to us from ancient Egypt. By the way, this beetle was considered sacred by the Egyptians. Therefore, the image of this insect was perceived as a divine being. The scarab beetle represents a transformation, a revival in another world. It is also a symbol of vitality. Without which humanity would not exist on earth. In addition, the beetle attracts success not only in the material world but also in the spiritual. By using such an amulet you will get strong protection from energy vampires, black magic and destruction;
  • Rabbit leg - The animal's hind legs are used for the amulet. This talisman attracts luck and provides material prosperity. Also, the amulet helps parents to conceive a child;
  • Cat's Eye - This stone protects the owner from black magic, helping to overcome any difficulty with minimal losses. This amulet is universal. It is commonly used by businessmen and gamblers; Elephant - the figure brings success in any activity, as well as promotes wealth, financial well-being, wisdom;
  • An amulet in the form of a key is a magic amulet. Moreover, for success, you can use any version of the keys. Such variants of the talisman open hearts and paths to wealth, attract success and improve health.

One should not think that our ancestors, with constant insistence, in vain, as it seems to some, believed in the power of magical objects, various and not random symbols, signs and mystical signs, that it all to some extent. , Has had and is already influencing us and their lives and destinies. The stable nature of the phenomena simply speaks to the existence of connections between the person and his, in a sense, amulets or amulets.

No matter how you try to call it or explain it later, miracle or coincidence. By changing a phrase not only can thoughts be realized or come true, we ourselves can, to some extent, turn part of them into what we have done with our own hands.