How to talk about an amulet or talisman for success

In modern society, many men and women are interested in magic, philosophical theories, esoteric practices. It is known that different objects are used for magical rituals. But in reality physical trains or tools are by no means the main nor the obligatory condition for achieving the goals set for the ritual. The basis of the magical change of reality is the word through which the magician expresses his will and intention. Conspiracy for amulet and talisman, love spell, protective whisper, confirmation are examples of verbal magic. In one article it is impossible to tell about all kinds of word control at the same time, so today we will discuss only one aspect of oral magic: we will tell you how to speak different subjects correctly. But in the future we will definitely return to this topic. Do not miss new posts!

Conspiracy for amulet and talisman: for prosperity, luck, protection

The market is sensitive to demand, so you can find a collection of spells for every occasion in almost every bookstore. People buy almost magical literature in the hope that it will help them solve various problems quickly.

Unfortunately, in practice this is not so simple. Even if the author knows what he is writing about, simply uttering the conspiracy printed in the book is not enough. You need to have at least a general idea of how to talk about talisman for success, money or, for example, to attract love.

Conspiracies are an art that for centuries was only available to the initiators: witches, witches, healers. At the same time, most of the witches were illiterate, so they did not have a list of spells. But for a wise person this is not a problem - if you know the basic rules of composing magical texts, you can easily create them for each specific case. In choosing such a tactic, the practicing magician takes into account all the nuances of the directed human problem, which undoubtedly enhances the ritual and makes it more accurate.

The essence and structure of the conspiracy

Amulet in the form of a pendant and its conspiracy for wealth

Magical texts are written in a special language that has its own rules and patterns. A well-written conspiracy consists of several parts:

  1. Introduction. The first phrase prepares a person for a magical action, forms the right mood. In Christian culture, conspiracy often begins with turning to the Lord.
  2. ᲓHome. In the conspiracies of Slavic amulets, there is usually a descriptive part, which indicates a certain place of power where the main action takes place: the Alatiri stone, the sea-ocean, the high mountain, the island of Buyan. The speaker tells how he leaves the house, what difficulties he overcomes along the way. All these mythical places are at the junction of the worlds. If you feel the meaning of the text, you will notice different physical sensations in yourself: chills, heat, tingling.
  3. The core of the spell, in fact, is the statement of demands, the will of the magician. Here we clearly say what we want. Sometimes, to enhance the magical effect, legendary creatures or forces of nature are also called to help here.
  4. Lock (taki). This part enhances the magical part of the text. Usually, words are heard at the end of the conspiracy, as if blocking work interference, external influence ("key", "lock") or confirming the magician's will ("so be it").

It is no secret that sometimes even an accidentally thrown phrase becomes prophetic. A word uttered at the right time and under certain conditions has the ability to materialize even greater.

Basic rules of conspiracy reading

There is an opinion that any spell can be read from a piece of paper and the magic words will still work. This is not entirely true. You can read from the sheet the conspiracies that you have made yourself, put your energy into them. In other cases, the saturation of the text with energy occurs only at the stage of memorization. The best option is to read the post as a memento, but keep the note in front of you to keep an eye on it: Do not get distracted and confused while reading.

Other rules you can follow to successfully talk about an amulet for success or wealth:

  1. Some magic texts should not be spoken aloud, but whispered. It's not as easy as it seems - the words have to flow evenly, without hesitation, i. e. the whisper does not stop while inhaling or exhaling. If such a condition is not in the description of the ritual, then the conspiracy is expressed in a subtlety, clearly, confidently and slowly. Some spells are uttered aloud, on the verge of screaming.
  2. Compliance with lunar cycles is an important condition for success. Talismans To succeed in different areas of life, it is common to talk about the rising moon.
  3. The best time to cast spells is from dusk to dawn. At this time most people are asleep, the energy-information field is cleared.
  4. Unless otherwise specified in the description of the ritual, the text is read to the east.
  5. Many rituals are performed in the open air. If there is no way out, the window should still open.
  6. Before the ceremony it is necessary to take a shower, remove body jewelry, clean clothes without fasteners and belt.
  7. Try to provide yourself with conditions that no one can bother you with: turn off the phone, turn off the doorbell.
  8. A prerequisite is magic, a firm belief in your actions.
  9. To turn a trinket into a magic item, you need to concentrate as much as possible on the end result. Imagine the action of a talisman. For example, you can imagine how you are protected by a magic assistant with an invisible shield or imagine your wallet full of large banknotes (the picture is chosen according to the tasks assigned to the amulet).

Emotion control plays a special role in magical practice. During rituals it is strictly forbidden to distract, think about unnecessary issues or do things without calming down negative emotions. For example, if you are talking about a protective amulet, first release the feeling of injustice or anger directed at your offender. The amulet must be saturated with completely different energies: a sense of self-strength, security, self-confidence.

What subjects can be talked about

Not all items are suitable for the role of talisman or amulet - certain requirements are imposed on carriers of magic programs. First of all, the item you choose should be small in size to be comfortable to carry with you. Secondly, we must remember that energy charge does not fit well in plastics or synthetics, so you should choose a carrier made from natural materials.

Today, in the era of industrial production, anyone can buy any symbol in a specialty store and speak independently. But you can make an amulet out of wood: make a wooden plate, and then put a magic sign on it.

The talisman in the form of a hand and its plot for success

Many prefer to saturate the jewelry with favorable energy, while some use for this purpose completely ordinary, everyday items: pins, scarves, buttons. For example, the talisman key is very popular among craftsmen.

Taliman conspiracy for success (for your favorite little thing)

To gain luck in all matters, you must choose an item that you use often, or can always carry with you. Waiting for the moon to set, light a wax candle until midnight, pick up the item, and read the plot twelve times:

"The moon is born again, its power wakes up and goes straight to me. My luck (to name a few) can not be interrupted, just as the moon will never part from the sky. Follow me on my luck and I will do great good! Amen! "

Repeating this simple ritual is recommended at each new moon to renew the talisman's energy charge.

Amulet for luck money from stones and minerals

Many natural minerals have special properties such as attracting financial flows, success, intuition and business sense. Chrysoprase is considered to be the most "profitable" stone, but you can also get carnelian (suitable for creative people) or citrine (helps you in difficult life situations).

How to talk about amulets for money and good luck:

  • Rinse the selected pebbles with running water to clean up the energy waste of the people who took it in your hands.
  • Light three green wax candles at midnight
  • After reading the plot three times, put the stone under the pillow overnight

The text reads as follows:

"Mount Abraham, strong man of Adam, I turn to you, I know the almighty power! Do not give up, servant of God (name), at work. As the serpent sheds its skin, so I will be forever separated from my thinness, poverty, and homelessness. Morning wind, take it and bring my misfortune to distant lands. And bring me to your feet the royal palaces, the good horse, the mountains of gold and silver. May my words be strong! The key, the lock, the tongue, amen! "

The amulet can be worn as a keychain or a phone pendant. Some people prefer to use the stone without rings, then hide it in a wallet or bag. Women most often wear jewelry with charming stones.

How to speak of a gold ring for luck in all matters

Rituals with gold items are one of the most effective because gold has long been considered a metal endowed with great magical power.

How do we talk about a mascot for success in everything? It is not difficult at all. You need to take the gold ring and wrap it completely with woolen thread. It is strictly forbidden to tie a knot in a thread. Now take the candle in your right hand, light it and read the plot:

"Titmas lived across the sea, he built his nest there. He found the ring in the sea and brought it to me. I will sign, I will wear, I will use good people. All the secrets will be opened to me, all the doors will be opened, everything will be according to my word. Amen! "

After that, the ring can be immediately placed on the finger and worn as ordinary jewelry. And you can wear it only in special cases when you need support from above. This ritual is suitable for both women and men.

Now you know how to properly execute a plot on an amulet and a talisman. And you do not need to seek help from a wizard - if you want, you can make your own personal amulet. Good luck!