Magic amulets for health and success

Amulet pendant for health and success

When things do not go well and it seems that fate is behind us, a person needs support. But no matter how hard relatives and friends try, the situation does not improve. In this case, magic amulets for health and luck will help you protect yourself from trouble and give confidence to the owner.

Good luck

The tradition of putting a penny in the heel when going for an exam is known to many. It is believed that this brings good luck to the schoolboy or student. They use a coin amulet. A horse foot hanging above the front door is familiar to many as a way to protect your own home.

Types of amulets for health and success

It is recommended to use talismans to attract luck and in other cases:

  • While participating in sports competitions;
  • In travel;
  • In trade;
  • During business negotiations;
  • On a date and a. Sh.

There are many situations in life when a person needs protection from troubles when it is necessary to win or achieve a goal.

Which amulets protect you from failure and attract you to success?

The stores sell mascots that are metal pendants, bracelets, threads, pendants with stones, clay, porcelain or wooden figures.

Overgrown grass and 8-ray coloratura, four-leaf clover, wheel of fortune, Lada star, images of the moon are Slavic symbols of happiness and luck. They are used to make pendants and stains.

The eye of the prophet, with a toad with coins in its mouth, a speed beetle, a crocodile tooth is an oriental mascot that brings prosperity.

Purchased items usually do not have magical properties, they are just an interesting accessory. When buying a ready-made amulet, you can buy a negatively charged item that will bring not the desired result, but frustration.

Therefore, before use it is important to clean it from bad energy and recharge it to get the desired effect. I will show you how to do this later.

Health Amulets

To protect themselves and loved ones from disease, people have long used amulets.

With their help will come out:

  • Prevent infection during an epidemic;
  • Recovers faster after a serious illness or surgery;
  • Strengthen immunity;
  • Clean up the space after dealing with an unhealthy person;
  • It is easier to endure pregnancy and have a healthy baby;
  • Keep your mind clear until old age.

Health talismans are often brought from travel or bought at local stores.

Silver Bell, Doll and Rodovik are Slavic health amulets that protect children from disease, injury and the evil eye.

Alatyr, Makosh, Ax of Perun, Seal of Veles, Dukhobor is a powerful charm that protects the owner from illness, bad moods and irritability. Promoting healing.

The red thread from Israel is a powerful talisman for diseases. It is worn on the left wrist and the seven-knot prayer is recited.

Red thread from Israel as an amulet of success

The Tibetan longevity knot has a health-saving effect. By tying the knot, people are attracted to the healing forces and relieve the pain by twisting them.

A pair of cranes - Chinese figures that help the patient recover. The 9 crane collection provides strong protection against disease and promotes longevity.

Stones with healing properties are jasper, agate, onyx, nephrite, turquoise. They have analgesic, sedative and restorative effects.

Factory-made mascots have no energy, therefore, without establishing a connection with the owner, they will only be useless decorations.

It is important to follow the ritual of charging them with positive energy.

How to charge an purchased amulet

Magic amulet in hand and its charging

In order to get a powerful tool that will save you from trouble and have a positive effect on certain areas of life, you must follow the rules:

  1. The first step is to perform a cleansing ritual. It is a preparatory action that depletes the energy of the item and removes past information. I suggest using a cleansing ritual using the power of the elements. First, you need to bury the purchase in the ground for 3 days. The earth absorbs the energy of other people well. After that, you need to catch the new item on the candle fire for at least a few seconds. Fire removes negative programs, harm and evil eye. The strength of the air element also has a cleansing effect. The new talisman should be hung in the open air and left for a day. The last stage is washed in spring or river water. If it is impossible to get wet, then watering with at least a few drops is allowed.
  2. Expressing a special conspiracy. The words are said on a full moon. To speak of an amulet, it is placed on a window sill to let the moon's rays fall. The text of the conspiracy can be ready-made or written by yourself. The next morning the talisman will charge and be able to perform its protective function and attract happiness and luck.

How to make an amulet with your own hands

Homemade amulets are more powerful. Universal talismans that protect against everything are usually weaker and work poorly. Therefore, before you start creating, you need to decide on the role it will play.

Perhaps he was conceived to protect himself from the intrigues of dishonesty, to attract and preserve destiny, to protect the child from disease, to maintain family happiness, to help him to gain wealth. I will tell you what you can do for yourself at home.


The ugly doll is placed in the baby's cradle and protects from damage.

swaddle doll as an amulet for health

It is made of old fabric (for example, a father or mother's shirt) in anticipation of a baby. Traditionally, it is made without needles and scissors.

What do you need:

  • White fabric rectangle 8 12 cm;
  • Piece for diaper 15 12 cm;
  • Farfa for scarf;
  • Red thread;
  • Lace for decoration.

We wrap the white cloth in a tube. We twist the odd red thread a few times around the middle (around the doll's umbilical cord). The next dressing is done at a level of 1 cm from the edge (diaper head), without extra stretching. We made a headscarf on top. We wrap the rest of the doll in a piece and wrap it again with thread so that we get three crosses.

When creating a doll you need to make sure that no one can interfere. You can do this only in a good mood and mind, mentally wishing health to yourself or to those who will protect the amulet.

To do this you will need:

  • Natural and red linen yarns;
  • Scissors;
  • მუყაო;
  • Thick paper.

We wrap the yarn with a wide layer of cardboard for the body, a twice thin layer for the arms and ribbons. We cut the edges on one side. We tie a thick thread with red thread so that we get the neck. We make pigs from the rest. We put one on the back and the other down the neck. We make the year and the scarf using red thread.

Wax amulets

Wax amulets help to heal and recover quickly. You need natural wax candles to make them.

We light a candle and paint it, we only think about the good, we imagine that we are completely healthy. You should put a burnt candle sample in a small cotton or linen bag and always have it with you.

If a wax sample disintegrates, it should be buried and a new one made.

A talisman made of wood

The easiest way to make amulets independently is from wood. Material can be found in a nearby park or forest. Under no circumstances break the branches, use those that lie on the ground. Do not pick up the first branch you meet, but take a closer look. Go to a tree that attracts you.

Pendant runes for success

For success I recommend making a talisman from vodka. You can make a ring out of it and wear it when it hardens and you need support. Once the ring has helped, it should be rinsed with running water.

You can make a broom from birch branches with leaves wrapped in birch bark. To do this, you need to dry the branches on the street, and then take a walk around the house, shining them with every corner. This ritual contributes to the well-being, success and money of the family.

Alder, ash and oak give good health. The image of wooden pendant runes has a strong protective power. If you wear it around your neck, you should not worry about your health and state of mind.


From ancient times the embroidery of amulets for yourself and your loved ones has been a tradition. Inscriptions, symbols, and patterns were created on towels, handkerchiefs, scarves, and clothing.

The color of the thread matters a lot. Red and orange help us in love, red and black are used in embroidery to protect children from harm, blue and gold green patterns have a positive effect on business.

When choosing the right talisman for you or making your own, it is important to follow the rules of use. You should wear it closer to the body, without showing it to anyone. In the event of spoilage, loss or discoloration, the expensive item should be buried in the ground and thanked for the service.

Magic amulets will have more power for health and luck if you believe in their magic. They will definitely help the owner if properly selected, charged and used.