How to make a lucky amulet with your own hands at home

Luck is a capricious young lady and not everyone smiles. And I really want to have as many good events in my life as possible. Therefore, since ancient times, people have tried to negotiate with fate and attract it with the help of amulets and mascots.

You can buy the appropriate amulet or make it by hand. The main thing is to take into account all the goals and intentions. Choose the right horoscope according to the sign, know where to store it and how to wear it.

How amulets of wealth and luck work

What material would not make a talisman - its purpose is to increase human energy data and attract it from outside energy.

The talisman of happiness and fortune affects subtle matter invisible to the human eye. Its action is not instantaneous, but consistent. First a job change, then a good salary increase. Or starting a personal business that over time will start to bring in tangible profits.

At the same time, due to its magical properties, complete protection against bankruptcy is provided.

If the talisman was properly created and plotted, then no one, not even the most powerful magician, will be able to influence a person if the amulet is with him.

Properly made and charming talisman for success

How lucky charm works

All amulets and charms work like this:

  • Buy a mascot in the store or make it yourself from special materials;
  • Be sure to read the conspiracy to succeed on the talisman;
  • Now it is charged and worn by its owner at all times;
  • The loss of the amulet is not a cause for grief, it means that he took the blow from the owner and stopped acting;
  • With the loss of a talisman, it becomes necessary to buy a new one.

Clear texts for amulets

You can charge a money talisman with a few texts:

  • Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Nicholas the Wonderworker or Guardian Angel;
  • Conspiracies and spells from white magic that are read under the full moon;
  • Conspiracies with money or other symbols of wealth.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. If a person has already put on a mascot, made and spoken for himself, then only he is its owner.

Choose a lucky talisman

There are several rules for choosing an amulet for luck, only two.

  • Rule # 1 - Understand the essence of the talisman

    The first rule is the most important. You need to have a good idea of what specific purpose such an assistant needs. Each talisman or amulet has a character that depends on the materials, symbols and signs of its components.

    Therefore, before purchasing, you should know as much as possible about it. What it is made of, what the symbols are on it and what they mean. Browse owner reviews on online forums.

    If this is a store that specializes in such matters, then consult your seller.

    You need to understand that this acquisition will affect many factors in life. Having complete information about the talisman means understanding what to expect from it.

    It happens that a person does not get an amulet if a pentagram or swastika is painted on it. One who does not know the true purpose of such symbols does not even understand that an amulet can help him in life situations.

  • Rule # 2 - The amulet must fit a person

    In order for an amulet to work, it must fit its owner. You need to pick some of the most similar talismans and listen to your intuition. The one you like the most, pick up if you felt any discomfort from the touch or other negative emotions.

    It is very important to study the history and functions of this little thing. If a person has not so good qualities, then special attention should be paid to the symbolism of the amulet. It just won’t work if it has traits that are incompatible with some of the owner ’s character traits.

    Do not hope that there is a charm that suits everyone. Humans are not universal soldiers and each individual is unique. What happens to one person can bring negativity to another. Only intuition and a conscious approach to choice will help you find your talisman.

An amulet that protects a girl from failure

Zodiac talismans

Astrology can also help you choose a talisman for wealth and luck. Using the amulets of your sacred sign strengthens the influence of the charitable planet and its importance in human life.


Amulet symbols for Aries: Phoenix bird, stick, shield. The wolf and the raven will help in the business. Sword and spear will help you to win any battle.


Amulets with the image of the tree of life, rose or lotus are suitable for a representative of the earthly element.

Images or figures in the form of a bull or a dove are a symbol of wealth for this astral representative.


Wings, twins, monkeys, spades - these are all twin helpers.


The owl figure will help you make the right decision, while the symbolism of the river will help you get used to the good changes in your life.

Yin and Yang will maintain balance and equilibrium in all endeavors.


Golden Lion, Solar Disc, Chariot, Firebird, Colorado, Sphinx.

All lion talismans should preferably be made of gold. Then they will bring good luck and abundance in the sign of fire.


Bees and dogs will help us in the case. Wheel, hammer and sickle, cornea, grain and gear will increase the working capacity, strengthen the financial situation and bear fruit, both morally and materially.


Compass, pen, square, ginger are talisman for good events, giving and receiving. And most importantly, a competent ratio of their strengths and capabilities, respectively, and profits.


Money, treasure chest, dragon, lizard and snake are the guardians and protectors of energy, finances, savings and resources. Bident will increase the luck of people and managers in the collective profession.

The mascots of wealth and luck according to the signs of the zodiac


Lightning, rain and thunderstorms will enhance energy and the ability to use it. The royal wand and the Peruvian sign will double your luck.


The elephant, the skull, the mountain and the crocodile are symbols of material foundation and fertility in all endeavors. The clock and the rod are the power of power over time.


Angels, wings, clouds, lightning emphasize the brightness of thought, help you make the right decision. The arch, key and door are a new successful venture.


The trident serves as an amulet to attract money and increase power. The mermaid is an aid to persuasion. The well and the ocean are the power of life energy.

How to make a lucky talisman with your own hands

Many are interested in making a money amulet at home and how to make it with your own hands. There are a few specific rules for this.


It is very important to decide what shape the amulet will be for success:

  • Amulets are made in the form of a circle to attract money, stability and harmony;
  • The oval shape helps in making non-standard financial decisions;
  • The square is characterized by the union of four elements;
  • Triangular - to attract luck in any endeavor;

Several forms are often combined. Triangles are inserted in circles, squares and vice versa.

The size of the protective part should not be large. The amulet should be removed from prying eyes.

DIY amulet for success


When making a talisman independently, they are preferred by those with whom it is comfortable to work with and pleasant to wear. But sometimes it also happens that an animal claw, horn or crumb can become a talisman.

Even a stone or piece of wood can easily become a protector and protector. This gift of nature has special powerful properties.

The wheeled doll is easily made at home using fabric, yarn, wire, coins.


Drawing is one of the easiest ways to make a talisman. An image of a totem or zodiac animal, a figure on cardboard or paper, with the right plot, will have no less power than in the metal version. Its only drawback is the low operation.

A figure made of candle wax can also be an amulet for success and money. With a good mood and thoughts and a call to good luck, they make the desired shape out of hot wax, cool it, and place it in an opaque bag under the tape.

A braid made of red thread or a bundle of yellow, green and red colors, made of a full moon on a positive, will help fulfill wishes and financial stability.

The lucky amulet can be an animal tooth or a piece of wood.

Safety rules when working with lucky charms

There are three basic safety rules for working with a talisman for money and luck:

  • If someone else's amulet falls into the hands from which the unpleasant emotions go, you should immediately wash them under running water and it is better to wash them completely. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.
  • It must be cleaned before using any talisman. To do this, the medallion is kept in salt for three days and then thoroughly washed in running water.
  • Periodically, amulets are fed with positive energy. Placed under the bright rays of the sun and asking for help and protection.
Handmade talisman for self-confidence, harmony and financial stability

Do not hope that wearing an amulet alone will completely eliminate all problems. You will also have to strive for your own well-being. Taliman will become an assistant and ally in this. Increases self-confidence, harmony and calmness when making important decisions.