How to make an amulet for success with your own hands: materials and tools, ideas and production.

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In the modern world, despite its high technology, there are still various signs, customs and amulets that have been preserved and passed down from our ancestors. You can buy large quantities of them in some specialty stores at an extra price, which is completely pointless!

We offer an alternative solution to make your own handmade amulet from improvised means for success! It will not take long, but it will definitely give you enough fun and enjoyment.

Originating from the past

Before I tell you how to make an amulet for success with your own hands, I will briefly tell you its story. And we will talk about the amulet dolls that were popular among our ancestors.

Usually, they patronized women, fortune tellers, and Kerry guards. For luck such an amulet had to be carefully stored in a separate place so that no one would be disturbed and somehow irritated.

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Since the common people were not particularly famous for their great wealth, the doll was created from improvised materials, waste, fabric, straw and wood. The lucky amulet can be passed down from generation to generation, but if you do not have one, then we can easily make it ourselves!

A piece from a craftsman

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To look for these handmade materials, just check your bins as there really is something in them. In this way, you will not only use the trim, but also make an amulet for luck and money with your own hands.

What do you need:

  • Moulin thread. It is better to pick red or white colors that are best combined with folk style. We will need less than half as well so you can use the jewelry.
  • Various pieces of fabric. It is preferable to choose natural because they are much easier to work with because of their properties, which make them look like paper or cardboard.
  • Flax fiber. We use it to create hair, thanks to its texture; And you can buy it in any store with natural products.
  • რCratle.

The first master class: Doll-Bereginia

Make yourself a doll as an amulet of success Photo 4
  • From white linen fabric we create a column of any length and width, which we fasten in three places with thread. This will be the body of the next amulet.
  • Cut a large square out of the same fabric and fold the triangle at one end to create a silhouette of the head and arms. We fix everything with red or white thread.
  • We separate the hands of the obtained "wings" with a thread, we do the same for the belt.
  • We make a shirt from dazzling cotton fabric, cut it according to the shape and fasten it with threads. It is important to note that for luck with your own hands an amulet is created without a needle and, of course, without glue. Such materials are not welcome here as they remove our mascot from its ancestors.
  • You can also decorate the shirt with dazzling ribbons with ornaments, lace or beads, but do not overdo it, because, first of all, it is a folk doll.
  • For the skirt we cut a large circle with a cut in the center, place it on the amulet and then fasten it with thread from the wrong side. Optionally it can be decorated with ribbons, beads, flowers or embroidery.
  • Now we take the flax, we divide it in the center with a thread with which we attach the hair on the head, carefully hiding the knots.
  • We knit a ribbon with the addition of ribbons, create a scarf from a triangle of fabric and wrap its ends around the neck in several turns.
  • We put different grains, seeds and herbs in a separate canvas, we put coins and form a knot, we fasten it with a thread on the doll's hand. It is a symbol of prosperity at home, wealth and success, whatever this ready-made amulet will surely bring you!

For any occasion

How to make an amulet for luck so that it fits in one hand, but at the same time not to lose - of course, make bags with different herbs that will bring happiness, prosperity and wealth to your home.

You probably all know that our ancestors paid great attention to different herbs and berries, giving them different magical properties. And we could not think of anything better than taking the plants, drying them and then stuffing them in small bags, which are very easy to spread all over the house!

From everything and for everything

We will not hesitate long and immediately begin to say what herbs can be used to make an amulet to attract success to your home.

Herbs for Success and Prosperity

We describe only the most accessible that are easy for each of us to find:

  • Vodka is the protector of the hearth and woman's happiness.
  • Elderberry is a magical, healing power.
  • Elm - intellect and wisdom.
  • Oak - knowledge.
  • Spruce - longevity and health.
  • Willow - protection from damage and the evil eye.
  • Clover is a success.
  • Nettle, lime, fern, thorn, ablabuda, mountain ash, sage, hops and celandine - these are just a few of the plants we can like to create an amulet of success and wealth at home.

Second Masterclass: The Bag of Happiness

A bag of happiness as an amulet of success

For such a product you will need to prepare in advance and, most importantly, in the summer. It is this season that all plants are at the level where they combine both beauty and natural flavor. So collect all the necessary herbs and dry them in the sun. This is the fastest and easiest way to get the materials you need for the job in a matter of days.

Before the plants dry, we sew small bags of burlap ourselves. They can also be decorated with ribbons, embroidery or buttons. For the strings we get the red floss threads.

When all the ingredients are ready, fill the bags with herbs. You can not do this to the end, so that you do not have to close it later, or, conversely, fill it so that the dried flowers can be smelled from above. We fix everything by hand and thread, without the help of glue, and then we throw the bags all over the house so that the amulet of success will definitely work!

Taste and color

Stone decoration as an amulet of prosperity

If you do not like the previous two options, then we offer another alternative - a wooden amulet for success!

Its essence lies in the fact that it can be made not only as a pendant, but also as a brooch, ring or keychain. And it is also very cool that the product is environmentally friendly as we avoid the use of various chemicals such as stains. If necessary, replace them with coloring oils.

And production requires only a small thin piece of wood, burnt equipment, sketches, and sketches and accessories for further use.

Third Master Class: Wooden Amulet for Success and Money

Wooden amulet for success

Drag the piece of wood to the desired shape with a file, then gently brush the edges to remove sharp cracks or chips. Also prepare a hole for fittings in advance.

Apply a pencil drawing to one side, then light a candle, then add depth and color to the drawing. Add a few details and letters, let the product cool.

For durability, treat the wood surface with a special oil or replace it with linseed oil. It will not only add color, but also make the amulet waterproof.

After absorbing the oil, the accessory can be safely attached to the thread as a pendant, attached to the bottom for rings, brooches or other. You can leave it like this and, for example, put it in the secret pocket of the bag you are traveling with. So luck and happiness will always be with you!

For restful sleep

Dreamer as an amulet of prosperity

The following idea is perfect for those who not only want to get an amulet for success, but also decorate the interior of their room. We are talking about a fairly popular dream catcher that also dates back a very long time.

Apparently, its first creators were Indians who made mascots to catch bad dreams and nightmares and hung them on their sleeping heads. Today we will create such an elegant amulet:

  • Take a ring of any diameter depending on the desired size of the dream catcher and wrap it along the entire length with thread or ribbon. There should be no gaps between it so that the base is not visible.
  • As soon as the ring is ready, we start knitting coconut, adding sequins, beads and various decor.
  • So we circle the inside of the dream catcher and get a spider web-like weave. As soon as you are done, carefully tie the thread and hide it.
  • Now is the time to decorate an amulet for a restful and restful sleep. This can be done with a feather that hangs directly on the knitting threads or hangs on the edge of the rings. There you can also add large beads, ribbons and whatever you can find in your promotions. Even shells can be perfect for decorating this whole picture.
  • All that remains is to form a loop with which you can hang the dream catcher on top of your bed so that your dreams are just kind and clear!

Additional ideas

Of course, the amulets of success do not end with what we have listed for you. So here are some more interesting options for you:

  • Red thread. You probably already know that a charm like the usual red thread once wrapped around the wrist is gaining popularity. Such an accessory can easily be re-created at home and decorated, for example, with personalized pendants or beads.
  • Home call. Another easy-to-make amulet is a small bell decorated with ribbons and fabrics. He symbolizes cleanliness and kindness in your home, and the front door often becomes his residence. The bell itself can be covered with gold or silver paint, which will add to its beauty.
  • Horseman. This option is very popular and it is easy to buy in any home appliance store. But it is also easy to do it yourself because you just have to find the basis of the horse shape and then attach all the available supplies to it. This list includes not only dried flowers, seeds, grains, fabrics, ribbons, but also coins. Also, you can often see various pretzels, sweets and fruits made of polymer clay on the horse itself!

From all of the above we can conclude: a lucky amulet is created from any available material. It takes no more than an hour, but the process itself brings not only pleasure but also happiness with wealth to your home!