How to make an amulet for luck and money with your own hands? Types of mascots to attract wealth

Each of us has moments when desires do not match opportunities. Gradually you get used to the constant lack of money: you start to give up the usual things and carefully consider what to spend an unexpected bonus. A talisman for money and success will help you gain confidence in the future.

What are the types of mascots to attract wealth?

The energy of things has a profound effect on our lives. A talisman that matches a person’s goals and intentions will help you attract money and luck.

  • Money toadSuitable for those who want to save their savings or repay the loan faster. A true amulet of gold or green color, the figure should stand on three legs and hold a coin in its mouth, which can be easily removed if desired. If the coin is sticky, the owner will find it difficult to get the money. Such a symbol can not be placed on a high shelf: the money toad is afraid of heights.
  • Money TreeGrowing up in an apartment or office carries the energy of well-being and endless development. Suitable for careerists and those who are accustomed to taking responsibility. It is better to take a plant twig in a rich house and put a coin under the pot.
  • When watering a money tree you should always imagine yourself famous and rich. If it does not grow well, it is worth checking the energy of the house.

  • A spoonful of clothSaves money in Mr. Wallet. Our ancestors considered such an item as a symbol of abundance and wealth. It is better for the spoon to be silver: silver has always protected a person from harm and the evil eye. Insert a spoon away from your wallet or pocket. The talisman needs regular cleaning.
  • mouse- It was considered a symbol of wealth and abundance among the Slavs. A miniature figure of an animal is still in the wallet to attract extra income. It can be made of stone, wood or metal.

See photos of amulets for success and money.

Money Toad:

Money toad as an amulet of success

Money Tree:

The money tree as a talisman of success

Grated spoon:

Amulet spoon zagrebushka good luck

Wealth Bag:

Lucky charm is a bag of wealth

Money Amulet Pendant:

Money amulet lucky charm

In order to always have money in the house, it is useful to place coins in all parts of the dwelling. You can collect a basket of money: in addition to coins, add to it cereals, sweets and dried fruits.

How to make a talisman for prosperity and wealth?

Talismans are bought in esoteric shops and souvenir shops, but it is always more interesting to participate in their creation.

  • Sometimes powerful amulets are already close to us, they just need a little "refinement". An unchanged bill is considered a strong talisman. It receives moonlight to receive magical energy. The wallet is kept separate from other banknotes: under no circumstances should you contact them. It is impossible to spend a "magic" bill - then the owner's income will always only increase.
  • Making a money bag talisman is easy with your own hands. Put some coins of different denominations in it, lubricated with eucalyptus oil and hide in the northern part of the house. No one should know about the talisman.
  • Walnut has always been considered a symbol of success. Gently divide into two parts. Only a shell is needed for a talisman. Write down the most cherished wish on a small piece of paper, fold it and tie it with a thick thread. Glue a small bead in place of the knot. We leave the thread outside.
  • We attach the shell and return the nuts to their original appearance. You should carry the amulet in your purse and try not to show it to anyone anymore.
  • Dried grass amulets are popular. For production you will need bay leaves, cloves, mint and rosemary - a small pinch of each spice. We put everything in red fabric and fasten it tightly with threads.

With regular and proper use, cherished trophies will work as follows:

  • Establish a stable financial flow;
  • Makes you believe in your own strengths and abilities;
  • Contact relevant people and circumstances;
  • It will make it easier for the owner to save and save money;
  • The amulet will protect you from dubious credit institutions.

What are money mascots made of at home?

A bag of coins as an amulet of success

The following amulet may be useful:

  • Various stones (especially natural);
  • Horse shoes;
  • Tree bark;
  • Bijouterie;
  • Plant flowers;
  • Threads;
  • Coins.

You can not make a mascot and talk when you feel bad or are intoxicated. Will have no power.

How to activate and use them properly?

Creating a money talisman is half the battle. The main thing is to give it energy. For this it is better to choose a time when no one will be at home. We light a candle and make three circular movements with it counterclockwise. The amulet should be close. It is very important at this point to imagine how your wallet is filled with money.

The conspiracy itself can be devised. We simply address the amulet with a request, describe our problem, talk about our future plans. Such a heartfelt monologue would be more effective than heard. Witches advise us to perform such rituals on a full moon.

Esotericists define several rules for dealing with magical items:

  • Your talisman is a very personal item. You should not charge it sideways (for example, from any witch) and tell others about it.
  • If possible, an amulet should always be with you. If this is problematic, we will find it in a permanent and quiet place.
  • Undoubtedly the unique capabilities of your amulet: it will weaken its effect.

An amulet for money is not fun, but it is a serious matter. Many successful people believe that their wealth began with the advent of the lucky talisman. However, it is important to remember that a magical attribute alone will not work a miracle. For this, a person must make every effort.