How to make a talisman for success in business, learning, love with your own hands

Equestrian as a lucky amulet

In order to bring success and prosperity next year, we will try to make talismans - time-tested means. How to make a talisman for success in school or in love, you will learn from this material.

The history of the appearance of magical items

A bag of runes as an amulet for success

The history of the appearance of the talisman is rooted in the culture of the ancient Slavs. It is true that in ancient times everything was explained by the magical power of the gods.

People created magic symbols with their own hands, each of which was protected by one god. The mascots were from the evil eye to maintain the family, to increase wealth, to reach new heights of creativity.

Today, as always, mascots of love and wealth are especially popular. They can be bought in specialty stores, or made at home from improvised means. It is not so important to create the desired symbol, it is important to believe in its miraculous power.

The difference in values

Many do not distinguish between charms, mascots and amulets. By themselves, they have no power, but they know how to attract and increase the energy of the cosmos.

The amulet acts only after a magic ritual has been performed on it. For their production, they get something that does not crumble for a long time, because a destroyed amulet can harm its owner.

The talisman does not have to be specially made. A talisman becomes the little thing whose energy has a positive effect on you, so you want to be with it constantly. They do not need to be blamed because they already contain a miraculous code that brings luck without conspiracy.

How to make an item talisman? A talisman can be a pendant, a soft toy, any item from which its beneficial effects come to you. Hold hands to feel its beneficial effects.

An amulet saves you from failure, from lack of money. You can make it from different materials.

Note on the character manufacturer:

  • Run in a quiet, secluded place.
  • The amulet must be charged to make contact using water, fire, earth, air.
  • How to charge? Immerse yourself in water, immerse yourself in the ground, burn with fire, stand in the wind.
  • The talisman must be shown to no one in order not to diminish its power.

A powerful amulet for success

You can encrypt cosmic streams for success at home without having to resort to an expensive magician.

To do this, select a stone that matches your zodiac sign. Then, using engraving, draw runes, Celtic or Slavic codes to direct the energy flows of the cosmos in the right direction. But no more than 3 signs so as not to mix streams in your magic item. Most often, it is money, health, love.

Attention!Be careful with the "change" sign as the change may turn out to be bad.

To create a magic pattern, take leather, thick fabric, ribbons, lace, stone.

Pendant for success

Pendant runes as talismans of success

Find in the magic runes what corresponds to luck. Use it from an experienced engraver on a stone, insert it into a frame. Say 3, 9, or 12 times a conspiracy consisting of two or three phrases, whispering to the magic assistant. This number must be protected.

Lucky belt

Belt as a talisman of success

It could be a bracelet or a bandage on the forehead, which was worn by the Slavs in ancient times.

  1. Take the ribbons without the pattern to the desired length.
  2. Use the Slavic symbol to attract success.
  3. Can be embroidered or knitted while knitting.

The magic egg

  • Sew a fabric or leather bag.
  • Use the Slavic symbol "Alatyr".
  • Fill in the stones that have the ability to bring success, this can be turquoise.
  • Inside insert a record of protective prayer, dry grass that brings health.
  • Add hair to your loved one if you want the attention and love of a particular person.
Homemade eggplant as a successful talisman

If you are married, then Kubishka will appreciate and multiply your love. To add protection from the evil eye or damage, insert an element inside that will protect you from the effects of dark forces. Do not put elements of love spells in your bag or bring evil on another person, all evil can turn against you.

Attention! If Cupid has served you well, then you can inherit it.

Choose a lucky ticket for the exam

Students do their best to pass tests or exams successfully, but few use an amulet for learning.

Of course, magic will not be performed without difficulty, but the magic little things will help you memorize the material well, not get lost in exams and be more confident in your knowledge. You can choose a ready-made copy, but it is better to make it yourself.

Make a lucky tree:

  • Cut a 5 cm wooden figure out of cardboard.
  • We draw on it with a dull colored pencil.
  • We glue the branches of trees or grass that have a certain meaning (rosemary twig, hazelnut leaf).
  • We glue the red thread along the edge.
  • We connect the three nodes.
  • We put the tree in a cloth handkerchief.
  • We collect 4 corners, fasten them with 3 red threads, say the words: "Learn, learn, understand, say, tied in a bag".

Fun with herbs and conspiracy theories can also be helpful.

Prayer for Orthodox Christians: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, bless me for teaching / testing, send me the help of your saint until I achieve what I want: pleasing to you, Lord, and useful to me. Amen.

Incense incense can be made using the anus, urzus, and yen runes. Each rune responsible for learning can be used on the stone, the leather that carries them in the pocket.

An amulet item can be something that has already brought success, for example, a ring, a pendant. They can be worn daily or worn at the required time. Do not forget to pay them:

  • Put the decoration on white paper,
  • Read the plot, close, leave overnight.
  • Put it on in the morning.

My talisman is mine (decoration name). Save me from the dark appearance, bring good luck. If the talisman is on me, then the dark forces will be by my side.

You can also charge natural stones, personal items, toys, then use them to increase your knowledge or to achieve success.

Paper Assistant for Success

A magic pendant as an amulet of success

The simplest amulet can be made from paper.

  1. Get a thick gold colored cardboard. It is gold that will attract you to fate.
  2. You will need a clear ink pen.
  3. Draw a five-pointed star on the card at midnight.
  4. Draw the wheel of fortune inside. When you paint, say the text: "Let this amulet help me achieve what I want (want) in my life. "
  5. Throw the pentagram in the wax melted from the church candles, summon the guardian spirits.
  6. Carry a small paper amulet in your wallet or pocket without splitting.

You can make a lucky talisman for success on wood, paper, shell. Draw a five-pointed star on the material of your choice, write the number in the center. Meaning of number:

  • 1 - The desire to rule over people.
  • 2 - The desire to find the spirit.
  • 3 - The desire to achieve creative success.
  • 4 - The desire for stability in all matters.
  • 5 - Win something or get a prize.
  • 6 - Desire to make a career.
  • 7 - Succeeding in magic.
  • 8 - Financial stability.
  • 9 - Vigor, vigor.

The magic assistant must be charged. Take two church candles, light them, place a pentagram between them, let them burn to the end. Wrap the talisman in red cloth, stand in a dark place.

Take it when you need it.

To succeed in love

The ring as an amulet of success

The ring amulet has a strong power because it has a complete shape.

  1. Light a candle in the bright midnight. Consider all the drawings of the ring as you present your chosen one.
  2. Evaluate its inner features. If this's right for you, then "breathe" in the ring the features you wanted to see in your chosen one.
  3. Let it burn in the moonlight on the window until morning.
  4. In the morning put the ring on your finger and no longer remove it so that the loved one does not lose his qualities.

Whether or not we believe in the miraculous powers of magical objects is a matter for each of us. But it was not in vain that the ancient peoples used their incredible power to multiply human needs. You can try it for us too.