How to make DIY amulets to attract money and good luck

The magical power of amulets has long been known. We have used them to improve various areas of life.

Money talismans are used successfully in the modern world to attract wealth.

To attract the good fortune, you can buy a ready-made amulet or make it yourself.

Money amulets

The energy of money cannot be managed in chaos, so the first step will be to sort things out in your own wallet. It should not be used for receipts, old tickets, photos and any advertising rubbish.

Folded banknotes should be straightened and folded neatly.

It is now recommended to put any amulet in your wallet, but you should not take the first thing you come across. It is necessary to carefully observe and listen to the inner feelings. He on whom the soul rests and takes an honorable place in the wallet.

Everything can play the role of an amulet for success: found stone or coin, banknotes folded in a special way, dried spices, tree bark. But first you have to hold it in your hand, charge it with your energy.

It is advisable not only to capture the amulet, but also to use visualization, to imagine oneself as a person without material difficulties. In such moments the subconscious begins to act, intuition intensifies, thinking becomes strategic.

In this situation it is easier for a person to see the opportunity to change destiny, find sources of income or express themselves in a new way.

Irreplaceable coins

There are several types of talismans that can help you find prosperity:

  • Traditional amuletTwo feng shui coins tied with red ribbon. It is important to remember that coins should always be above the yang side. The shelf life of such an amulet is one year. After that, you have to replace it with a new one or clean the used amulet with saline solution. To do this, put it in a container with clean water, add a little salt and leave overnight. Then rinse under running water, squeeze and insert into wallet compartment.
  • Lucky money. . . Any coin earned on happy terms will become a money magnet. But first it must be activated. To do this, leave it overnight in the rising phase of the moon and then place it in the secret part of the wallet.
  • Unchanged bill. . . The large denomination banknote placed in a separate part of the wallet has long been used successfully as a means of attracting material wealth. In order not to lose its properties, it is forbidden not only to spend the banknote, but also to show it to the curious.
  • Dollar folded in a triangleA powerful activator of financial flows. You will need a one dollar bill to create such a talisman. The first step is to fold the banknote in the middle and make sure the image of the pyramid is on the front. Then fold the top edges at an angle and lower the bottom slightly. Keep a wallet in your pocket, above the pyramid.
An irreplaceable coin as an amulet of success

Money runes

Runes are an ancient and very powerful magic system that with certain skills can have a huge impact on the material realm:

  • The easiest way is to put rune inside the yeast with patchouli essential oil. Runes of the following meanings are suitable for this: the material stability of Fehu, the abundance of Ingushetia, and the rune of success. Or draw the selected symbol on red paper and carry it next to the money.
  • A runic talisman made for success and money will have even more magical properties than buying or receiving it as a gift. To do this, grind a small round piece of wood or form a round coin out of clay. Put a picture of the chosen symbol on the surface and keep it always with you.

Make yourself a charm for success and money

The best time to create will be the phase of the rising moon or the full moon, all actions should be performed only in a good mood, belief in the best and the absence of any negative emotions. Under all these conditions, the made talisman will get the maximum concentration of magical properties.

Magic bags

Bag talismans are very popular, they are easy to make, and at the same time they have great power:

  • Heart bagHelp set up a trading business, start a new business or increase revenue from an existing business. You will need red cloth, ground spices (cloves, mint, bay leaf and dill or rosemary) and sewing materials. Fill the sewn bag with the mixture of the indicated plants in equal proportions. It is said that these herbs are placed for success, success and monetary gain. Sew a filled bag and hang it in the moonlight for three days. Bring a ready-made amulet or put the product you want to sell.
  • Turquoise bagIs a very strong money magnet. Sew a turquoise cloth bag to the rising moon and insert the turquoise into it. After the start of the new moon, it should be filled with coins. It is advisable to place one coin every day, which is higher than the previous deposit. The first day - one ruble, the second - two, the third - three and so on, without missing a day. If you miss one day, the ritual should be stopped and repeated the next month. Fill the bag, tie it with turquoise thread and keep it in the workplace.
  • The magic cableKnitted from yarns of different colors. Good luck in business, red is responsible, green is wealth, blue is fulfillment of desires, yellow is success, red is prosperity in business. You can knit both regular oblique and curly knitting. Tie the finished amulet to the left ankle. You can remove it only after fulfilling the wishes.
Money bag as an amulet of success

Money Fountain

Such an amulet of success and money with their own hands will not only decorate the interior of the house, but also attract finances to the family budget.

For production you will need:

  • In a bowl and plate, preferably gold.
  • Many coins.
  • Glue gun.
  • ᲛIn a metal plate.

Bend the plate with a wave. The top curve should reach the inner middle of the cup, while the bottom curve should be firmly attached to the plate.

Glue the structure with an adhesive gun and leave to dry completely.

The coins are glued to the second step. Start the gluten from the top of the curved wave, gradually coming down to the plate. It is important that the top of the adhesive coin is narrower than the bottom.

This simulates the flow of water from the cup. Pour a few coins on the plate.

If different cups and plates were used to create the composition, then in the final stage, it is recommended to cover the entire structure with gold paint from the aerosol and dry it completely.

The above options for amulets are traditional but far from unique. If for some reason the wish is not performed, it is recommended to change the ritual, use another amulet and do not stop believing in the inevitable success.

Monetary energy is undeniable and persistence will be a major factor on the path to prosperity.