The most powerful amulets for luck

From time immemorial, people have believed that there are special items and symbols that can bring success. Today a person can choose any amulet suitable for him from different cultures and traditions for happiness. But before purchasing a magical attribute, it is worth getting acquainted with its properties, for whom it is most suitable.

How to attract happiness into your life

To attract happiness, people use several methods:

  1. They create a wish map - a handmade collage that represents all a person's dreams and fantasies.
  2. They engage in self-hypnosis — they regularly repeat affirmations, trying to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
  3. They use magical rituals and conspiracies.
  4. They attract luck with amulets and talismans.

If the first three methods require the constant active participation of the person, then the latter will work independently. Although many amulets have enough power, they are manifested in different ways in the hands of different people. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the correct selection of a magic talisman, taking into account personal characteristics, desires, character traits.

How happiness amulets and talismans work

It is believed that anything that once brought good luck can be considered an amulet. For example, a shirt in which I managed to pass a difficult interview and find a job, or shoes. But this is not the case. A real magic talisman differs from ordinary things and trifles in its special energy. The stronger his energy, the more it will affect a person’s life.

Amulet for happiness and success

Good luck with items and symbols with special magical designs. They will become beneficial conductors of cosmic energy, which is essential for maintaining the health of each person, fulfilling desires, happiness and well-being. Often, witches and psychics perform rituals to associate a magical artifact with a person and perform it for him.

In addition, some plants and gemstones bring happiness to human life because they are naturally endowed with powerful beneficial energy. In order for the potential of a talisman to be fully revealed, you need to know its qualities, strengths and learn how to properly cooperate with it.

Slavic amulets of happiness

With the help of magical artifacts the Slavs tried to gain protection of nature, the gods. Traditionally, Slavic amulets are divided into men and women.

Male talismans for happiness and success

Men's mascots for happiness, protection and success:

  1. Valkyrie- A magic symbol borrowed from the Scandinavians, which helps to win battles. In the past he was accompanied by Slavic warriors for protection, courage and masculinity. Today, this amulet will help modern men soften their character and achieve their goals.
  2. Thunderstorm- A sign of winners, strong will and strong personalities. It gives its owner endurance, courage, determination, protects him from natural disasters. Thunder should be worn by people whose field of activity is related to natural elements - sailors, firefighters, pilots, blacksmiths.
  3. Dukhobor- Slavic amulet, which protects a person in the most difficult situations of life, helps him to overcome diseases, difficulties, external and internal barriers.
  4. Jarovik- A symbol of increasing wealth, prolonging life. The Slavs used this protective sign on the walls of their houses, stables, barns to maintain and increase their property.
  5. Fern flower- An amulet that fulfills cherished desires that come from a pure heart. He will work only for a decent, honest person. In the hands of evil unscrupulous people, such a symbol will lose its power.
  6. Svarog hammer- A symbol of the Slavic god Svarog, which contains the power of fire. It can load a person with strong fiery energy, give him courage, determination, endurance to achieve goals. But such an amulet can not be worn by liars, otherwise it will punish its owner and will not help him.

Women's talismans for luck among the Slavs:

  1. Dunia- Attracts prosperity, grace and purity in the family, fulfills desires, gives wisdom to its owner. In the description of the Slavs it was a symbol to protect oneself from the evil eye, to attract prosperity to your home.
  2. Lada star- Charm that can balance a woman's energy, bring the mistress success in all matters, fertility, health, attractiveness.
  3. Lelnik- An amulet designed for unmarried girls. It makes them attractive, helps to express creativity, protects from any negativity.
  4. Lunnitsa- A symbol of fertility, harmony, female beauty. The moon-shaped amulet attracts a woman's happiness, family well-being, love. When she was pregnant, Slavic women fastened their belts to the moon to make childbirth easy and painless.
  5. Childbirth woman- An amulet that brings happiness to motherhood, protects the mother and her children from evil and trouble.

The Slavic talisman deserves special attention - the burdock of happiness. This applies to both men and women. This symbol attracts success, prosperity, prosperity in all areas of life to its owner.

Female talisman for success and happiness

Muslim amulets of happiness

Representatives of Eastern culture also do not neglect the help of magical forces. The most common Muslim amulets and amulets:

  1. Crescent moon with star- Provides a person with spiritual protection, protection of higher powers. Muslims believe that such a symbol will benefit only those who acknowledge Islam and acknowledge only one God, Allah. When they see this sign on a representative of another faith, they may react negatively.
  2. Fatima's eye- A world-famous oriental amulet that ward off evil eye, the unscrupulous thoughts and intentions of others. It is believed that the amulet will work only in a conspicuous place.
  3. Node talismans- Special amulets made by oriental women from multi-colored threads. These magical attributes attract family happiness, prosperity, success.
  4. Fatima Palm (Hamsa)Attracts success, enhances health, protects a person and his property from an undesirable combination of circumstances.
  5. Zulfikar- Protective amulet for business people. Muslims believe that two crossed knives protect their owner from harsh decisions and help maintain property.

For Muslims, the amulet is not a simple thing, but a religious item, so in the East it is not usually sold in street shops.

Feng Shui talismans that bring happiness

The Chinese teaching of feng shui contains a lot of data on how to equip a living space, to properly distribute energy flows in the house. According to this system, not only the amulet is important, but also the material of its production, its location in the apartment.

Types of Feng Shui Amulets at Home:

  • Suitable for the wealth sector are fish, fountain, mocking buddha, money handkerchief, three-legged toad. In China, the hieroglyphs "fish" and "wealth" have almost the same outline, so figures of carp or live fish in an aquarium are considered a symbol of prosperity. The fountain in the wealth sector is characterized by energy movement, attracting abundance to the family. The Buddha's laughter protects merchants and entrepreneurs. It is necessary to put money next to the money napkin and the three-legged toad. You can insert the coin directly into the toad's mouth.
  • Suitable for the health and longevity sector are figures of birds (cranes, herons), turtles, bamboo. Paired images of herons and cranes increase life expectancy. The turtle cleans the space of the house from negativity, it is a symbol of wisdom and health. Bamboo means durability, durability, determination.
  • In the love sector, the mascot for success is considered to be the mandarin duck, red and white candle, joint photos of lovers.

According to feng shui, you need not only to properly select the amulet, but also to place it in a suitable place and regularly clean the dust.

Happy plants

Through centuries of observation, people have discovered that some plants bring happiness to family life and business. The happiest of them are:

  • Money Tree (Fat Woman)- Attracts the energy of well-being, material stability in the home. To enhance the effect of the money tree, you need to tie its branches with red thread or ribbon.
  • Ficus- Cleanses the space of the house from negativity, helps to harmonize relationships. Some couples leave positive reviews about the flower, claiming that they could have children after the plant was placed in the house.
  • Chinese rose- Fits unmarried girls, attracts men's attention to them, promotes early marriage.
  • Cyclamen- Protects households from envy, criminal intrigues, negative external influences.

In order for a plant to succeed, it needs care. Dried yellow flower will have the opposite effect, attracting negative energy into the house.

Plants as talismans of happiness

Other amulets for a happy fortune

There are many universal talismans that bring happiness and prosperity when spoken of. Among them deserve special attention:

  • Lucky knot- A popular talisman that attracts wealth, health, love in the life of its owner. It usually consists of six eight, double red threads.
  • Amulet from the five blessingsA symbol of longevity, health and peace.
  • Horseshoe- A symbol of happiness in many cultures. To activate the favorable energy in the house, the rider hangs next to the threshold with arcs above.
  • Elephant pictures and figures- Amulet for wisdom, career success, good luck in financial matters. But only an elephant whose trunk is inverted has such an effect.
  • The golden key- It is a symbol of overcoming all obstacles, fulfilling desires, gaining spiritual wisdom.

Amulets can be purchased at specialty stores and shops, but it is best to make them yourself.

Make a mascot the key to success for success

How to make a lucky talisman with your own hands

Theoretically, an amulet can be made of any material, but from your own hand-made paper or wax, it will not last long. It is better to use leather, wood, natural minerals.

Rules for making a lucky talisman:

  1. It is best to start working on the rising moon.
  2. When drawing magic symbols, hieroglyphs, you need to carefully check the photo, because any inaccurate line can seize the power of the magic object.
  3. All actions should be performed alone, while doing handicrafts, put your soul, your own energy into it.
  4. In the process of working you have to imagine how this amulet will attract what you want - health, wealth, beauty, love.

Once the talisman is created, it cannot be used until a special conspiracy has been made to complete the entire ritual.

How to talk about an amulet for happiness

There are many conspiracies designed for different types of talisman. It is best to select the spell text individually for each material, which is made from a specific material. You can also use the universal conspiracy to succeed: "Like a squirrel wearing a fur coat, do not wear it, so you will bring good luck. So be it, Amen. "