25 amulets for success from all over the world

From ancient times the people tried to buy amulets and talismans, which, as they believed (and still believe today), protect them from any misfortune, bring money, luck and happiness. Some types of amulets are common and found in many cultures, while others are unique to certain peoples.

Amulet for success-acorn


The Vikings kept a single oak on the window sill to protect the house from lightning strikes sent by Thunder, the god of thunder.

Amulet for success-crocodile teeth

Crocodile teeth

According to some African people, crocodile teeth help to win gambling.

Amulet for success-bamboo


In Asian countries you can get bamboo twigs as a gift. It is believed to bring good luck to its owner. And according to feng shui teachings, if you place a pot with bamboo twigs in the eastern part of the room, it will improve the circulation of qi energy.

A triangle of lucky charm


The triangle is an ancient symbol with many meanings, the most common of which are stability and stability. In addition, it characterizes three periods of the human life cycle: childhood, youth, old age.

amulet for luck-cricket


It is considered a symbol of success in many Asian cultures and American Indians. He guards the house and warns of danger with his chirping.

amulet for luck-horseshoe


The horse has been considered a faithful and powerful helper of man for thousands of years - perhaps that is why the horseman is considered as an item that can help and attract success from its owner. In many homes across the country, you can see a horseman tied to the door, who also serves as a talisman against all kinds of troubles.

Amulet for Success-Kachina


This is the name of an American Indian doll in which the spirits of various items live. It is believed that this perfume helps to get a rich harvest.

Lucky charm dreamer

მადMadevari of knowledge

This is another magical item from Indian culture designed to protect a sleeping person from bad dreams. According to legend, the first person to knit an amulet was the Indian woman Nokomis, whom the spider taught to be grateful for her salvation. In the center of the structure remains a hole through which good dreams pass and all bad dreams meet in the surrounding network.

Amulet for success-evil eye

What an eye

In the Middle East, the amulet, which usually resembles an eye in a circle, serves as protection from the evil eye. It is diligently bought by tourists as a local souvenir, though many probably also rely on its magical abilities.

amulet for luck-scarab


Scarab was considered a sacred animal in ancient Egypt and its mascots were highly prized. This insect characterized the rising sun in ancient Egyptian culture and was also associated with revival and transformation.

Amulet for success, Imperial patron lion

Imperial patron lion

Lion statues can be seen in many Asian countries, especially China. Most often, they are placed in pairs near the front entrances of wealthy houses, temples or palaces to protect the property of the owners from being robbed by robbers and thieves.

amulet for luck-ladybug


According to popular belief, Ladybug brings prosperity and luck, especially if it is in your hands. The number of dark spots on the back of the insect tells the young wife how many children she will have.

Amulet for Success-Ankh


This ancient amulet was used by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, who wore it as a symbol of eternal life. Many ancient Egyptian paintings depict gods who, with the help of Ankh, gave people further life.

Lucky charm-coins


Coins are a very common symbol of success found in many cultures. A good sign is to take a coin dropped by an eagle and then hang it around the neck, hanging it on a string. Coins are often placed in the pocket of a new coat or jacket, wallet and shoes.

Amulet for luck-dragon


The power of the dragon is transferred to the person who has the talisman of his image. It is believed that it is especially useful to have a magic item that builds a career, because the dragon is endowed with strong leadership qualities.

Lucky charm-pig


In many European countries, as well as in some Asian countries, pigs are characterized by prosperity and well-being. The main characteristics of a pig in Chinese mythology are honesty and diligence. Not surprisingly, it is common to use this animal-shaped piggy bank to raise money.

Lucky charm-rabbit leg

Rabbit leg

The rabbit leg is the famous talisman, but it must be on the back. Rabbits are associated with fertility, so wearing a leg, in addition to luck, helps to become a father or mother in the near future.

Lucky charming-smiling Buddha

Laughs Buddha

Among all the images of the Buddha, his mocking figures bring particularly great success and wealth. According to Feng Shui, the figure of the mocking god should be placed in the western part of the house, and then it will give you health and prosperity.

Amulet for success-good wishes

With best wishes

In many cultures of the world it is customary to insert lucky coins into wells and fountains. It used to be believed that this way you could appease the gods and drain the water source. Alternatively, you can look at your reflection in the well and make a wish, and to make it really come true, throw the coin into the water.

Lucky charm-three-legged toad

Three-legged toad

This mascot is also from Asia. The toad usually holds a coin with hieroglyphs engraved on it. So that the talisman works and luck does not leave you, do not put the toad so that it looks towards the door leading from the house.

Lucky charm-ladder


Walking under a ladder leaning against a wall or a pillar is considered a great escape. The resulting triangle is a symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity, and such an action is considered an insult to the Holy Family. But if this still happens, then you can get back to luck and fix everything by crossing your fingers and spitting three times between steps.

Amulet for success-cat eye

Cat's eye

Many believe that this semi-precious stone protects against the evil eye and solves difficulties in life. He loves to gamble, for whom it seems to bring good luck and protect him from great losses.

Amulet for the key to success


You can lock a locked door or even another person's soul cache with the help of a properly selected key. According to ancient beliefs, even the gods had a better understanding of the prayer of a man who had a lucky key. In Japan, it is believed that several doors of three keys lead to love, wealth and health.

Lucky Amulet-Elephant


Elephants bring good luck wherever they wander, it is believed in many countries in the Asian region. Image of a pair of elephants facing each other, raised stems placed at the front door as a symbol of hospitality. And these powerful animals are a symbol of wisdom and longevity.

Lucky charm-four-leaf clover

Four-legged clover

This unique plant is closely related to Ireland, and although the chances of finding such a variety of clover are small - only 1 in 10, 000, but if you are so lucky, then know that its four leaves represent luck, faith, hope and love.