Types of lucky charms and making them at home

To succeed, a talisman is a special item that can bring the owner success and prosperity in the business. You can make an amulet yourself, get it as a gift, order it or buy it in specialty stores.

Features and types

According to the magic of amulets, talismans are divided into living and lifeless, to attract luck. The first group includes various plants, the second - objects.

Common talismans:

  1. The four-leaf clover is considered to be one of the animated symbols of success. With four leaves, there is one plant out of ten thousand - a rare lucky one will be able to get it.
  2. In China it has long been believed that corn will bring good luck. Of course, no one would save the whole grape. To attract fortune, wrap it in a scarf or sew nine beads in charm.
  3. Pine is also a living talisman. The pine cone has long been considered a symbol of prosperity, and the tree planted near the house protects it from evil spirits.

There are inanimate talismans, as well as many beliefs associated with the magical properties of precious and semi-precious stones.

It was believed that:

  • Pearls help maintain family well-being;
  • The cat's eye will bring good luck in love and money;
  • Emerald helps you concentrate;
  • carnelian will release melancholy;
  • Labrador will save you from bad dreams.

Other talismans can be:

  • Silver key - a symbol of success and abundance;
  • The rabbit leg will bring success and protection to the owner;
  • The toad figure holding a coin in its mouth, according to Chinese belief, brings prosperity;
  • Horse foot door - a Slavic belief, a sign of prosperity.

Talismans with zodiac signs

It has long been believed that the movement of the planets affects human life. Zodiac signs can influence whether a talisman is suitable.

The talismans suitable for the signs of the zodiac are presented in the table.

The sign of the zodiac Suitable mascot
Aries Aries is characterized by a thorough approach and emotionality. An excellent choice for an amulet of this sign would be a pomegranate, ruby or heliotrope pendant. Preferably the talisman came to the owner by chance or was presented as a gift so it will work more efficiently.
Calf Taurus is known for being self-confident and rational. A suitable talisman for them would be an image, figure or keychain in the shape of a cat. The animal, known for its flexibility and resourcefulness, will help avoid stubborn calf conflicts.
Twins For the optimistic and benevolent twins, an hourglass talisman will help prevent unnecessary negligence in everyday matters. The amulet will also allow you to concentrate on work issues.
Cancer Cancers have an innate love for art, representatives of the sign are prone to artistic professions. Cancers need a talisman that will bring them back to reality, protect them from external negativity. A snake figure would be a good choice amulet. In many nations it is considered a symbol of wisdom and protects against misfortune in the form of a talisman.
Leo Ambitious and strong-willed lions are suitable for the talisman in the form of a bird. The amulet will give the owner invisible wings, help develop leadership skills.
Virgin Demand and attention to detail Virgos should pay attention to tin jewelry. Such talismans will help the representatives of the sign not to be offended by trifles and will attract material benefits.
Libra The horse amulet is suitable for balanced scales. The talisman will help them establish profitable acquaintances and attract successful discoveries.
Scorpio Restless scorpions follow adventures with a pin and a bead. It is desirable to choose a red bead, which will be a symbol of health and well-being.
Sagittarius An impatient Sagittarius makes hasty decisions to save a turtle figure. The animal was considered a symbol of calm and slowing down.
Aquarius A heart-shaped talisman will make Aquarius more restrained when interacting with loved ones. It will help you not to throw words and gain in favor of leadership.
Capricorn Goat horns can choose dragonfly decoration. Such a symbol of negligence will give the representatives of the sign the confidence and optimism that they lack.
Fish Pisces can buy a solar amulet. The talisman will release uncertainty and charge the energy needed to achieve goals.

Where can I get a lucky talisman?

Protecting your heart is a must when choosing a talisman. Under the influence of an internal impulse, a trifle acquired in time can serve more reliably than an amulet created without a suitable mood. Of course, it is better to make a talisman by hand, but it is permissible for a relative, friend or relative to take part in the creation.

Under no circumstances should you use gifts that are unfriendly or unpleasant to you as a talisman.

How do we do it ourselves?

First you need to choose the amulet you are going to create. Decide which talisman suits you best.

A talisman is essentially a "power element" associated with a particular owner. To strengthen the protection of the amulet you can apply the name of the magical characters, the owner or runes. Sometimes a drop of blood is left on it to make a connection with the amulet.

Rules of production

An important aspect of creating a lucky charm at home is full concentration on the task at hand.

The rules for making talismans are as follows:

  • It is necessary to set aside a dry day to create an amulet;
  • Do not let anyone distract and annoy you while working;
  • Turn off the phone, turn on pleasant relaxing music;
  • Prepare the components for the mascot in advance.

All materials need to be natural to create a talisman for success.

Talismans that you can make yourself

You can create many talismans with your own hands, the most effective of which are:

  • The amulet is made of paper or cardboard;
  • Bag for success;
  • Money ball;
  • Magic wax;
  • Thread bracelet;
  • Arabic mascot;
  • Imperial amulet of luck and wealth.

Charm made of paper or cardboard

It does not take much time to create a charm made of paper or cardboard, but a properly done charm will bring success. First, decide which shade of paper to choose.

The most acceptable paper colors are:

  1. White is the color of new beginnings, purity and restraint. The white talisman is suitable for those who have achieved their goal and want to succeed in the field of work.
  2. Red is a symbol of health and emotion. It is worth choosing a color for those who want to build relationships, to express themselves creatively.
  3. Black is often perceived in a negative sense, however, this perception is fundamentally wrong. Black - finish, energy absorption. It should be chosen by people who want to finish old things, isolate themselves from the problems of the past.

Once we have decided on the color of the paper, we create a talisman:

  1. Cover the table with white, preferably a fresh table.
  2. Place a blank piece of paper or cardboard in the middle of the table.
  3. Place four candles around the table napkins and light them.
  4. Draw a drawing or letters on paper. It is worth writing on a wish list as if they had already come true: "I bought a house" - or: "Vova confessed her love". For the drawing it is worth choosing a rune, an image of the sun or a heart, which will help to attract positive energy.
  5. Wait for the candles to burn when you look at the text or picture on the paper. Try to imagine your dreams.

It is necessary for such desires to be closer to oneself. Put them in your wallet or breast pocket.

Good luck with the bag

The lucky bag will become a pleasant and easy to prepare talisman.

  • To create it you will need the following materials:
  • Red cloth 25 by 15 inches;
  • Multi-colored yarns;
  • Dried herbs.

Materials are ready, we begin to create a mascot:

  1. Fold the fabric in half and sew on both sides.
  2. As a result, we put the herbs in the bag. Choose mint, lavender, rosemary or cloves.
  3. Tie a tie with seven threads, then leave it on the window for a week.

A successful bag is made for the rising moon, so it will get more power. Properly designed, it will bring success over the years.

Money ball

You will need to create the next amulet

  • A ball of woolen yarn;
  • Small coins.

The wool must be fresh, not previously used for weaving or handicrafts.

Let's start creating a talisman:

  1. We take the thread and start rolling its new ball, knitting it into coins.
  2. We conspire: "Thread the thread - good luck, the ball will flow - happiness will be added to the house. "

After the production is completed, you should leave the talisman on the window sill overnight so that it will be charged with the energy of the moon and bring happiness and prosperity to the house.

Magic wax

To make the amulet, you only need wax. Choose the candle you want, the color and shape of the product does not matter.

Let's start making:

  1. Light a candle at midnight in the lunar phase of epilation.
  2. Before the flame burns, talk about all your desires and dreams. Try to express them as clearly as possible.
  3. When the candle burns, do not throw away the wax, but put it in a canvas bag.

Remove the wax from the eyes of the evil will. The talisman will help fulfill all desires.

Bracelet from yarn

To create an amulet, a red thread is most often chosen to attract good luck.

Creating a talisman:

  1. We take the three threads and start the braids with a "pigtail", alternating over each other.
  2. A red bead can be knitted in the middle of the bracelet to enhance the amulet.
  3. Tie the obtained ribbons with a knot in the wrist.

Craftsmen can cover a leather bracelet with thread, so success will have a solid foundation, intuition and connection with nature will be strengthened. The talisman will protect you from failure and slander, will attract good luck.

Arabic mascot

One of the most powerful Arab talisman that brings good luck is the hand of Fatima. The palm-shaped amulet is often found in the form of figures and pendants, but it is possible to depict it itself.

Algorithm for creating an Arabic talisman for success:

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Take a sheet of paper and draw Fatima's hand. It is desirable to paint the amulet with blue paints, it will enhance its protective properties.
  3. Place your eye in the center of the drawing to sharpen your intuition.
  4. Wait for the candle to burn.

It makes more sense to mark a ready-made talisman near the front door so as not to bring bad luck to the home or work desk for business success.

Imperial amulet of luck and wealth

You need a coin to make an amulet. Do not take the first one you meet. Perhaps an antique shop has the option you want.

Creating a talisman:

  1. Make a hole in the middle of the coin. When making a hole, make sure you think about your cherished desires.
  2. We take the thread or lace in red and trade the coin.
  3. We connect the thread to a double knot, imagine how we connect the thread to the thread.

The amulet will not only affect the financial side of life, but also protect you from problems, attract the strength to fulfill your dream.

How do I activate the talisman?

After choosing Talizan, you need to cleanse it from negative energies and activate it. If the amulet material is not fragile, then purification should be carried out with running water. Another effective option would be Talisman fumigation. You will need incense sticks or candles for the ritual. The ring can be cleaned with sand.

To activate the talisman you need:

  1. Relax, close your eyes and mentally imagine how all the dirt and negativity leaves him.
  2. The easiest and most effective way to activate a talisman is to hold it in your hand, put it on your face and exhale rhythmically.
  3. When activating, you need to concentrate on the talisman tasks and attract the positive.
  4. To fully charge the talisman, imagine how the exhaled energy becomes part of the amulet that will protect you in the future.
  5. Talisman needs to talk - whisper it to your wishes.

The amulet is activated a few days after the ceremony.

Photo gallery

In the photo you can see the most popular talismans that you can buy or make.

Amulet red threadPin mascotImperial Amulet Good luckCat eye mascotGood luck with the bagFatima amulet handAmulet silver keyA toad figure with a coin in its mouth