Amulet to attract money: what to choose and how to do it on my own

For every person and every family is important material well-being.

The amount of money talisman is intended to attract the house wealth and luck and to help with difficult financial situations.

How they work the amount of lucky charms

Amulets to attract money, endowed with the capacity to exercise a positive influence over the owner, coordination of the wave energy.

It's the mascot can buy or make with their hands, but the most important thing is your faith in whatever object will bring the desire.

If you don't believe in his ability, then there is no magic will not happen.

With the right approach mascot will have qualified:

  • to attract the money?
  • to adjust the senses to get wealth?
  • to create the home environment financial prosperity atmosphere:
  • protection from theft?
  • protect the owner from ill-considered cost?
  • to assist you to locate a new source of income.

How to build money mascot for yourself

Of course, the best result will always have a talisman, created with their hands.

They can be worn for yourself or to put in your wallet. In the self-construction of a mascot, the man fills the energy and the aura, therefore, it is important to create such a talisman with positive thoughts.

There are many varieties of amulets of wealth, so that everyone will be able to get yourself to your taste and color.

IMPORTANT! Better not to tell everyone about the amulet, otherwise it can devalue the power or to attract the evil eye.

Horde amulet

Horde amulet

According to legend, during the Golden Horde of genghis kahn received a gift of a coin from a leader of nomadic tribes.

It had this incredible power – and in a continuous flow to fund khan's treasures, and it seemed that it was not the limit.

But one day, the treasurer has lost a valuable coin, and the magic of enrichment is missing: the Russian princes refused to pay the Tatar-mongols tribute, and revolted.

Horde amulet attracts wealth and protects it from destruction.

To construct such a talisman, you will need:

  • currency from the yellow metal (best antiques);
  • string or other cord.

Preparation is very simple: you have to take care of currency of string crosswise, and the talisman is ready.

You don't should wear flaunt: hide the magical amulet under his clothes.

Found currency

A strong impact differ fyke charms, for example, found currency.

If you found on the street a coin from it, too, can make money amulet, which is ideal for wearing in your wallet.

But if you can find a coin at a crossroads, then turning it into a magical artifact, you can't.

This is due to the fact that coins go through various rituals to get rid of any kind of diseases, and flying fascinated money at the crossroads.

To clean the currency of the energy of the previous owner and give him the amulet, you will have to spend the next ritual:

  • at midnight, on the growing moon phase, you'll need to light the candle (it is best to do it in the night from Wednesday to Thursday);
  • to talk currency, seven times saying: "the Currency talk, to distract the fate. The rest of the way, they'll find themselves coming. My words are strong, a fire burned yes faith be strengthened".
  • wait until the wax to the end will burn
  • the amulet is ready, now you can wear charged currency in your wallet.

Decorative mouse


This is another fyke amulet decorative mouse. During the slavic ancestors mouse was a symbol of wealth and abundance.

The same value it has in China, and a meeting with a rat or mouse was considered to be an omen for days.

Therefore, you can locate a mouse in your wallet, where it will control the proceeds.

Hard to kill a mouse will save the owner from unnecessary costs and theft, and will accompany success in his work.

To construct a cash mouse than stone, wood or metal.

To charge a talisman to say the following words: "Mouse, if you're going to stay, money, are driven".

Jinxed dollar

To turn it into a good luck charm for your wallet that may is not only the currency, but also paper bill.

It is believed that is depicted on the american dollar masonic triangle has the property to attract money.

To speak to the bill, you will need to do the following:

  • put the dollar portrait of Washington on it?
  • fold it in half, to select the line in the bill?
  • upper left corner bend so that the tip has touched the line?
  • it's the same with the left corner, to be joined with the top?
  • right side notes bend diagonally so that the pyramid remained the top?
  • pour the rest of the corner through to other numbers in the triangle.
  • the mascot is ready, continually keep it in your bag.

Imperial mascot

Imperial amulet has an interesting history. When something makes him a monk to the young Peter I, once became emperor.

All night long hard for the creation of an artifact, a monk, having Imperial currency of prayers.

At dawn, when the work is finished, charged with the power of prayer amulet was presented to Peter I, and then the monk said to the emperor: "From today, we will be invincible, the luck will not leave you, and riches will never end! God be with you!".

Since each of the Novels she was wearing when yourself this the amulet.

Imperial amulet has potential:

  • money back from their debtors?
  • contribute to the success of the operation?
  • to ensure high validity to its owner?

How to construct imperial mascot:

  • prepare a coin, a candle, and the red trace from a natural fabric?
  • on the full moon, light a candle and take a coin?
  • closing your eyes, think about attracting wealth and put the coin in the fabric?
  • leave it all night on the windowsill under the light of the moon?
  • the next night, put a package of fabric and coins by yourself under the pillow.
  • the amulet is ready, now you can wear it.

ATTENTION! Using luck, you can't carry the flaunt, and even more so to give you touch other people.


A talisman for attracting money – spoon-Zagrebacka. It rakes the money in the wallet of the owner.

Our ancestors believed, the spoon is a symbol of abundance and wealth. The best thing for such a talisman fits silver spoon, because silver since ancient times as a protection from damage and the evil eye, and ridding the humans from the adverse situations of life.

Wearing a spoon to it in your wallet or in a separate pocket. To be given the spoon of properties to attract wealth, to say conspiracy: "a Spoon is in my wallet, live, the money for himself, mani, I'll be with you, friend, in happiness, and abundance of goods in order to live."

The amulet needs regular cleaning. Several times a year, the puncture is the ritual:

  • pour a glass of water, better in the spring or the saint?
  • add a pinch of salt?
  • put a spoon in the water and leave for a night?
  • the next morning, rinse the amulet running water.

The cash key

Good talisman for attracting money will be the cash key.

To create this amulet you need to:

  • buy a new lock and key on that?
  • clean up the market to a place where she stored the money?
  • the next morning, to find the key and the wallet, and the castle remains in place.

How to make homemade money guardian

Apart from personal use, can direct monetary energy mascot to attract money into the house or just save it there.

As in the case with wearable and fyke, original money mascot better to do with their hands.

I'll tell you what talismans can be made to create at home the atmosphere of material well-being.

Miracle-one purse

The slavic ancestors used pouches, associated with your time zone, saving storage.

In addition, to attract the wealth created by the nymphs, on the basis of which it was a similar case.

We will describe the process of creating this wonder-bag:

  • you need to take the red fabric and sew a small bag?
  • to put it in this of coins of different denominations, from a penny to the ruble?
  • apply 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil and fill the bag up to the top?
  • tie woolen thread and kept in a hidden place.

HELP! Sometimes you can pull guardian, to to feed the monetary energy

Encrypted note

It's individual charm, personal bill of an owner, stored in a hidden part of the house.

To manufacture a mascot, you need to get the note with numbers, which is exactly or partially located in, your date of birth.

For the creation of the you need to:

  • to bill fairly large in nominal value?
  • fall over of bergamot oil and roll a little tube?
  • wrap the thread green color and tie a triple knot?
  • put in a sprig of dried sage?
  • seal note candle green candle?
  • clear mascot in a shady place inside the house.

Amulets of technical feng shui

Chinese lucky charms feng shui is widespread.

It is very different: figurines of animals, human, plants, and aim at attracting any kind of positive aspects.

Charms give the owner of luck, strong health, and to attract love and extend the life.

Of course, the wise chinese people created and the charms and amulets. Here is which of these can buy or build his own.

Threelegged toad

Threelegged toad

These animals in China resides a lot in the fields, and are deeply revered.

From a very old toad is the symbol of material prosperity and well-being.

This is associated with the chinese legend that tells of evil, holding a tripod and the frog, it worked only torments.

But not the eyelids was to do evil deeds could tame the Buddha, and was punished always and everywhere to help people.

Now frog redeems the sin, without taking from the mouth of gold coins. And came the mascot of the wealth – toad, holding in its mouth a coin.

In the market of monetary the frogs should take into account several factors:

  • the best material for this mascot – nephritis?
  • this should be the charm?
  • coin in the mouth of the animal can be removed and put hieroglyphics on it?
  • the eyes of the frog should be red?
  • spin amulet should be decorated with a team.

Also there are a few rules for the use of a mascot?

  • for the activation you need to put a frog in a fish tank, in the extreme case – drizzle;
  • to post the front door, with his back?
  • this amulet is afraid of heights, therefore, it is not worth to clean high shelves.

Braided bracelet

Very handy good luck charm for the money bracelet, made with his hands.

To build it, you need to:

  • to get the thread or wires of green, yellow and red color, representing wealth, health and love, respectively.
  • bracelet you need to weave in the phase of full moon?
  • during fishing with nets thinking on the implementation of the wishes of you?
  • finally, now you can wear the strap in the arm or the leg.


Khotey – character japanese mythology, the god of wealth, prosperity and fun.

Placed on the house, to take advantage of the forces of god and bring home the money.

The material from which made the amulet, it doesn't matter, choose according to your taste.

The shape of a Hotel better placed closer to the entrance, and stroking the stomach every time you leave the house.


Stones, to attract prosperity and luck

Stones that are configured to attract money, you can take it with you, and to do any decoration. Here is what the stones have this magical property.


  • will provide host the permanent income?
  • let's look at the face of each sex and age?
  • to enhance the owner's quality leader?
  • gifted popularity and fame?
  • you will fill power and will give you energy?
  • will help you to choose the right path.


  • keep out of poverty or save her?
  • it will give you the desired amount of money?
  • it will strengthen the immune system and to help in the fight against diseases?
  • will help pregnant women to give birth to a healthy baby.


  • gifted home owner can afford?
  • keep from bad deeds?
  • will give its owner the power and it will give you luck.

ATTENTION! To improve the effects of the stone, it is recommended to frame the gold.

How to make amulets from the plants

Plants have many properties that can bring in the life of the man's many positive qualities.

To create a talisman you need to set up herbs that you can choose, in case.

Different plants have different properties:

  • dill represents the passion and well-being, we help the owner to achieve success?
  • carnation will attract a good profit?
  • thyme attracts the money, use it for cooking?
  • royal will save the house from destruction and you will attract love and luck?
  • the ginger will help in a battle with the evil spirits?
  • margarita give you the money in the hands of a loved one?
  • louisa of these, it helps to fight insomnia and boost the immune system?
  • the large flowers of the peony dragged the wealth?
  • orchid will help to rise through the ranks?
  • oats will help you in business matters.

Slavic guardian of the plants

I'll tell you for the being endowed with the power of the slavic original of the talisman of cinnamon, ginger, eucalyptus and pine needles.

To build it, you need to:

  • prepare the cinnamon, ginger root, eucalyptus, and pine, a sprig?
  • mix the plants together and pound Stupka;
  • place the mixture in a bag?
  • to tie the green thread and place them in a prominent position.

Good luck with black pepper

This amulet is applied one time, and promotes a prosperous closing of the transaction, or good luck in winning.

For the conduct of the ceremony should be:

  • cook a white sheet of paper, high glass container and freshly ground black pepper?
  • wait for a full moon and leave the boat in the light of the moon?
  • the next morning, email on a piece of financial number you need?
  • roll the paper into a tube and place in a container, over it sprinkle with pepper?
  • shake your container and hide it in a dark place.

Activation of charms

If you already have a money amulet, you must enable it, otherwise it's just the usual decoration.

  • take the fabric red, the best natural, and wrap it good luck?
  • wait until the night with a growing moon, and put it under the window in the light of the moon.

How to choose a wallet with money energy

There are several factors that will help your wallet to become a magnet for attracting money.

You can not only buy, but also make the wallet with their hands.

It is important to take into account:

  • material for the wallet you should not to be in a bad situation and the new?
  • doesn't match the wallet of the small size – the money will need to be placed freely in that?
  • appropriate colors – silver, white, gold, yellow, red or brown?
  • store the notes and coins are better in different offices.

HELP! You can open the wallet in the street, on the growing moon phase. It is believed that the new moon brings wealth.

We hope that you have learned everything you wanted to cash a mascot.