Imperial Amulet: Action, creation and activation features

Magic Coin - Imperial Amulet

Imperial Amulet is a magic coin that will help you succeed in your career and personal life. Find an antique item, charge it and use it properly. The amulet helps to make the right business decisions, increases motivation and holds the owner accountable. To increase the effectiveness of Talizan, it is important to trust it fully.

History of appearance

The Imperial Talisman ("Money Amulet") is an old coin. It is called imperial because it is designed for the emperor. The queen refused to cede the throne, so she decided to destroy a rival. He ordered to kill his brother.

But the monarch learned of Tsarina's cruel plan, became frightened, and fled with some protection. The king came to the monastery. This is where the amulet was created. One of the monks decided to help the monarch - he encountered Talizan, who would protect the king and his family. The amulet should protect their lives, attract prosperity.

The monk found the emperor's coin and spent the night in prayer. In the morning he gave the amulet to the king. The monk promised that this coin would make the owner invincible, lucky and rich. The talisman was passed down to each new generation of the imperial dynasty.

What brings

Coin brings success in all endeavors. The amulet makes the owner more confident, creative and daring.

Luck and success

The amulet attracts positive energy. Its use facilitates:

  • Rapid career growth;
  • Return of borrowed funds;
  • Salary increases;
  • Business growth;
  • Successful investment;
  • Unexpected enrichment (profit, inheritance).

The owner's intuition sharpens. It works more productively, it becomes more purposeful. Suddenly, useful people come out in his way. He gets lucrative offers, the bosses notice him. Opportunities arise to make an old dream come true. Do not passively wait for enrichment. It is important to notice the opportunities, to use them to the maximum.

An imperial talisman that attracts success and wealth

Financial well-being

The royal amulet promotes success and financial well-being. It promotes:

  • Increase owner profits;
  • Promotion or successful job change;
  • Receiving money from unexpected sources (gift, lottery, inheritance);
  • Loan recovery.

The amulet protects the owner from destruction, great difficulties and the influence of evil will. The coin is suitable for businessmen who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Sometimes it is said about this amulet that it does not perform its functions, does not help the owners in any way. But these coins affect the owners differently. What matters is the origin of the amulet, the character of the owner, the strength of his faith. If the owner is in doubt, does not follow the rules of using the amulet, the coin may not help him.

A lazy, passive, and pessimistic person cannot achieve much with just a monetary artefact. You should not treat the amulet like a magic wand. It is revealed in the hands of hardworking, courageous individuals.


The amulet will attract success in all areas of life. The owner will meet the loved one faster. At the same time, it is important to be open to new acquaintances.It is necessary to use the amulet correctly:

  • Do not even tell relatives about it;
  • Hide the coin under the clothes;
  • Do not give it to others;
  • Clean it periodically (rinse, dry);
  • It is passed on to the next generation only after thorough cleansing;
  • Contact Talizan often, thank him, press the wrist (this is how the coin is filled).

It is recommended to wear an amulet pendant. To do this, a hole is made, thread or chain screwed. You can put the jewelry in a bag and leave it in your wallet or purse. Often they use 2 talismans at the same time: one is kept in a bag and the other is worn around the neck.

How to charge

Charge the amulet by reading a prayer or conspiracy. It is important to approach the coin honestly. It is better to create a suitable atmosphere for this.

Charged Imperial Amulet


Charging is better during a full moon. The amulet is placed on a scarlet cloth, remaining under the moonlight on a window sill. The performer of the ritual (owner or magician) appeals to higher powers. He mentally talks about his dreams. You can recite church prayers or improvise. After completing the ritual, the item was left under the pillow. He stays there all night, laden with human energy. Then the item can be used. It is important to recharge it often, holding it in your hands and thinking about dreams.


A loaded amulet is just a decoration. Only an orthodox person or a white magician can activate it. The ritual is to be performed on Sunday, depicting the owner of Talisman. It is worth using candles, an aromatic lamp. These attributes promote relaxation, the right mood.

It is not recommended to activate the talisman in a bad mood or to cause harm to the owner. After plotting, you must leave the coin in the moonlight. And then - hide the fascinated thing under the pillow, go to sleep. You can activate two talismans: decorate the neck with one and leave the other in the wallet (to attract money).

The words of the conspiracy: "I (pronounced the name) activate the imperial talisman, attract success and joy. I do not know misery and poverty, I live in luxury and happiness. Dreams come true!

The difference from a fake

The imperial amulet must be old. The best option is a King Khan product. But you can take any antique metal money. Modern or decorative coins can be used, but they are less effective than antiques.

Official websites also often offer fake ones. Visually assessing authenticity is not easy. Well, if there is a possibility of touching the coin, explore it.You need to choose carefully, taking into account the following recommendations:

Study of two royal amulets on a fake issue
  • Learn reviews about the owner or company that sells jewelry;
  • Get acquainted with the history of a particular artifact (who owned it, where it was stored);
  • Check the sound of the coin (when struck, the original sounds more "fine"; for comparison, it is worth getting a counterfeit coin - it sounds more "boring");
  • Use magnifying glass (counterfeit is created by molding, so small drops remain on them);
  • Examine the edge of the coin (the original will have sharp, sharp corners, while the counterfeit will be flattened, rounded; counterfeit ones often have indentations and other defects at the edges).


The best mascot is what you create. In the process of work it is filled with the forces of the Creator. This artifact becomes especially powerful. It's worth the patience because the job will take a lot of energy and time. They choose the oldest artifact among them that they were able to find. The best example is a product created in the era of the emperor.

The best time for the ritual is Sunday morning. Atmosphere is important: candles, music, smell, privacy. In such an environment it is easy to focus and turn the flow of thoughts into a talisman. Choose a bag for the coin - this way it stays clean and undamaged.

A hole is made in the hole, the thread is screwed. Twice the product is wrapped crosswise with a strip of scarlet cloth. On a full moon, the finished artifact is placed under the rays of red matter. It is worth talking to the amulet while holding it in your hand. In the morning you can wear charged jewelry or hide it in a bag and leave it in your pocket.

Amulet Review

  • "The imperial amulet turned out to be a quality item. Now it's my invaluable assistant. I carry a piece of jewelry on a string. Asked for instructions not to show anyone a talisman coin, so I cover it with clothes. I've been very lucky in recent months. But I've not been lucky before. "I'm sure the coin helped. "
  • "I have been dreaming of such an amulet for a long time, that I was lucky and kept the money. I heard many good things about it, but I was afraid I would be deceived. I will spend the money, but I will get it fake. "Then, the business in my company improved. I am very grateful for the amulet! "
  • "I needed funds to expand my business and they finally showed up! Enough to open a few branches. I find you getting rich every day. It makes me happy! There was trust and peace of mind. "
  • "After seeing this amulet in my life, it finally became clear in my soul. Now I am confident in business and personal affairs. I did not have the balance and courage that made it difficult to make decisions. Now I act more decisively, with a light heart. These decisions have paid off. "I am satisfied with my new salary, health and personal life. "

The imperial coin is one of the most effective amulets. He bought it to attract success. White witches advise him to businessmen and anyone who has encountered difficulties in his personal life.