Amulets that bring money

From ancient times the mankind has been thinking about the attraction of wealth. Modern people are no exception. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to find the right path to wealth. Many have forgotten such effective folk remedies as talismans and amulets.

amulet to attract good luck

Amulets for money will bring their owner not only money and wealth, but also success in financial affairs and business. Many modern talismans that attract wealth are often made from ancient writings (runes).

Money amulets are often made in gold, green or purple tones. Talismans made in these colors are believed to be a symbol of wealth. Oranges, pomegranates, rice grains, beads, precious metals and stones are also unique symbols of a successful person. "Essential oils" of bergamot, sage, rosemary and mint also stand out among the essential oils. To charge Talisman, be sure to wait for the rising moon - it will definitely increase and save your finances.

Runes attract wealth

Kenazi, Fehu and Vunio - this is a perfect combination of runes that bring wealth and financial income.

  • Fehu is a rune that will help its owner maintain and increase financial well-being;
  • Kenaz is a rune that attracts success and reveals the creative abilities of its owner. He can support all creative activities and help to find the right direction and revitalize it;
  • Vunio is a magical symbol that allows you to maintain the financial prosperity achieved, bring a lot of joy and success.

To position the above runes correctly you need to know the following rule. At the beginning of the runogram is a rune, which indicates the result you want to get, and at the end - the result you want to achieve at the end.

Painting runes is not necessary on canvas or fabric, they can be visualized mentally. For example, when drinking a glass of water, first imagine a "money rune" on it. You can display the magic sign on any personal item (wallet, purse or bank card). Or buy a "money color" candle, write a rune and light it. With essential oil, you put a mark on the body. There are many options where talismans use money, it is important to choose exactly what is right for you.

The finished runogram should be placed in the far left corner of the front door and it will definitely bring you good luck and success.

DIY money amulet

Amulet money can be made by hand. Among them is a talisman called the "money pen". Buy the most ordinary pen designed for writing (it can be a ballpoint pen, gel or fountain pen), as well as banknotes of any denomination. The money should be circled in the form of a tube so that the tails are on the outside and hold it with adhesive tape. A money pipe will fit your pen roof. The length of your entire talisman must necessarily correspond to the fourth imperial size. Trust me, if you make such a pen for yourself, you will immediately notice a positive financial result.

Like a money pen, you can make a money call. This is done just like the "sound of the wind bell" in feng shui. Only at the foot of the bells do the banknotes fall into the pipes. Such a talisman brings wealth and success in financial affairs.

It is important to remember that you are making a talisman with your own hands, be sure to include all the love in it and make sure that it will bring you the desired success.

Amulets for money according to the zodiac sign


Signs such as Aries are well suited for square or round objects in green and orange tones. Pictures with edged arms on them will also be good talismans.


The figure or its image will become a perfect amulet for a bull.

An elephant figure as a successful amulet


Good amulets for twins are white, blue and blue tones, as well as figures with a key depicting a lock or theatrical mask.


For Cancerians, figures with images of the moon or heart would be good talismans. They will be very effective if they are made of turquoise, amber or gold.

Pendant in the shape of a heart as an amulet of luck


Golden amulets in the form of the sun, as well as figures and images in the form of strong and powerful animals, will greatly help the lion.


Virgos are perfect for soft and calm colors as well as cold shades. The material from which amulets are made for virgins is clay and plaster.


The Libra money amulet is a silver pendant with a scale on it.

Pendant Pendant as a talisman of good luck


Scorpios want frog-shaped images or brightly colored figures. As for the ram, the edge tools can be used as a powerful amulet.

Green Malachite Frog in the form of an amulet


Sagittarius will feel the power if they have the figure of a phoenix bird, a horse or his horse, as well as a "speed beetle". Best if it is bronze.

Prosperity horse amulet


Goat horns need gold coins (or made of any yellow metal) as well as images of stairs.


Any figure associated with flight (angel, bird, plane) will become a powerful talisman for a sign like Aquarius.

The figure of an angel as a successful amulet


It is very difficult to fish without water. Therefore, the best money amulet for them would be pictures or figures associated with water (these could be ships, sea animals, boats, boats).

Flowers attract wealth to your home

Amulets to attract money should not be in the form of an amulet or a talisman. It can be an ordinary indoor flower.

These colors include fuchsia. This very bright and beautiful flower will make your life richer and more vibrant. People who have fuchsia at home are quite creative and successful.

Fuchsia to attract luck

Many know the "money tree" or the fat woman. Such a tree perfectly cleans the air in the house, relieves stress and fatigue after a hard day's work. If you take good care of this plant, then it will really help you to achieve financial stability and success in business.

A fat woman to attract money

"Japanese Akuba" has many positive features. It can not only bring good luck and success, but also reveal hidden talent.

Bougainvillea has long been considered a genius of financial well-being. He is very strong and can attract success and prosperity. If you hang a bronze sword on this plant, it will become even stronger.

bougainvillea to attract success

According to Feng Shui, bamboo is a symbol of business prosperity and well-being. It symbolizes rapid career growth as well as rapid and active development. Such a symbol should be placed in the area of responsibility of wealth and it will certainly bring the desired result for you.

Bamboo as a symbol of prosperity

And, of course, mint. This useful medicinal plant will not only cleanse the aura and air in the room, but also make your business more successful.

The money amulet will help you only if you believe in it and put all your faith and spirit into it. Then he will thank you for his wealth, money and financial well-being.