Amulet of luck

A little lucky amulet

A small amulet of luck - Everyone has heard of the fact that some people have seen something trivial that is likely to bring them success. Soldiers who came during the war brought cartridges from the ground or into bullets that were stuck in their equipment because they believed it would bring them success.

Farmers left something out of vegetables or grains after a big harvest because they thought it would bring them success next time. So finding your little amulet will not be difficult.

Attracting luck

Lucky and lucky people have always been the subject of gossip, discussion and envy. Of course, this is not fair, because someone was lucky to have become a favorite of fate, and someone just needs to be able to sweat and bleed, so to speak at least get lucky. Sometimes the secret of luck is hidden in a special talisman that attracts him.

These items can be horse shoes or four-leaf clover. It is customary to nail a knot on the door so that it brings good luck and casts out evil spirits. It is customary for four-leaf clover to be worn on the body and worn. In this case luck is for sure.

Anything related to positive emotions in your life can also bring success. It will bring you success, at the same time, it will also remind you of pleasant events in your life that will have a good effect on you in any case.

You can do everything yourself

How to make an amulet for luck and luck? It could not be easier. For example, you can make a pendant from a small object that is associated with something good in your life.

How to make a small amulet of luck with your hands

For example, if you find a coin or a bullet fired (a ship tradition) in a small hole, pull the chain and take this item with you, it will bring you good luck.

You can make an amulet yourself from paper or other improvised means. Make an amulet in the form of a magic rune that brings good luck. It is advisable to conspire against such objects, which will contribute to success.

More luck

Fortune's large amulet looks like a huge coin. It depicts runic signs that bring good luck and usually protect against the evil eye. You can wear it on a chain.

Of course, many have seen on TV how witches wear a round and big thing on a chain.

This is not a simple decoration, but a talisman. Depending on the runes or conspiracy theories, it can bring success or power.


With your own hands you can make an amulet for success, just show your imagination or find something that is related to your achievement or success in life. Just carry it with you, you can wear it on a chain - it will not change the magical properties of the item.