How to make an amulet to attract luck and happiness

How to make an amulet for success with your own hands

Today we will tell you about the powerful amulets that attract luck in life, how to talk about yourself and make them yourself. The world of personal amulets is vast and diverse. Each country has its own unique magical items that people have used for centuries to protect themselves from evil people and dark forces, to do harm, to attract happy situations, and to attract money into their lives.

The amulet already has power because a large part of the people believe in this power, which gives the object a colossal mental energy. But the amulet becomes a truly magical object and it is your personal assistant when it comes to connecting with it. This can be done in a variety of ways - with the help of meditation or magical rituals, to purchase a successful amulet in everything.

How to speak amulet to succeed in business

To set up a magic ritual independently, you will need to make contact with your personal mascot:

  • an item chosen as a talisman;
  • wax candle.

You have to do this on the rising moon. First, the object must be cleaned of excess energy. To do this, you need to hold it under water for some time. Light a candle and, holding in your hand your most powerful amulet that attracts luck, read the words of the conspiracy:

"Protect me from evil and help me in life, bring me happiness, luck, win victory in business. "

Do not extinguish the candle, let it burn to the end. During all this time, place your magic talisman there. At the end of the ritual, always wear the amulet of your personal success.

How to talk about home amulet luck and success - live in abundance

The most popular magic item for attracting money and wealth is coins. Money itself symbolizes prosperity; In various magical traditions, magical rituals are performed with them to fill the money channel and activate the energy of well-being.

How to say talisman good luck and prosperity

If you find a coin tossed by someone, take it with you, it will bring the money in your pocket. If you carry out a witchcraft ritual with him to attract money and constantly carry it in your wallet, periodically amplifying it by conspiracy, then the most ordinary coin will become a powerful magic amulet for success in work and any financial transactions. You can carry lucky coins in your wallet, pocket, purse, as long as you always have it with you.

As a powerful amulet for luck and money, you can buy a gold coin from the bank. In black magic there are many rituals for collecting money with gold and silver coins. Now we offer a home conspiracy for the wallet with coins. The simplest coins are used here, not gold, neither old nor found, but what was found in your wallet.

Read money conspiracy in your wallet on the first day of the new moon. They shake their wallets and three times read the text of the conspiracy for welfare, calling the money at home. If you do this with all the new moons, as a result, your wallet will become a very powerful amulet to attract money home and good luck at home:

”A rich merchant comes to visit me, he brought me a precious chest as a gift, he is a merchant all worthy and very rich, anyone will be pleased to see such a guest. The merchant's purse is mixed with gold, silver money is sweetly mixed, let my wallet also ring with gold, silver money sounds sweet, for this hour, forever, for all time. Lips and teeth, key and lock. These words so that no one could open them. Amen. "

Powerful amulets for happiness and success in all matters

Not only images related to religions become the most powerful amulets for success, health and well-being and the energy of money. Amulets are in the world of stones, plants, animals. Monetary witchcraft is practiced all over the world and not in individual parts of it. True magic stands above the whole world, covering it like a dome. Here are some common types of money charms that you can use in your life.

What to make an amulet for success with their own hands
  • > Bamboo is a symbol of success in any business. According to Feng Shui, this green amulet should be placed in the eastern part of the house to activate qi energy.
  • Powerful horse money talismanNot only a Slavic amulet for success and a talisman against disasters and troubles. In many countries and at different times they believed and still believe in the miraculous power of the iron horse. There is power in iron. Iron is the result of a pure battle between elements - fire and metal. You can, of course, buy a magic horse amulet for business success. But it is believed that the most powerful amulet is found in the shoes of a horse that has fallen on a horse. How to hang a horse mascot in your home? The carpet above the front door, with the ends down, blocks the entrance to the house from all misfortune, protects it from the evil eye and the curse. And a handkerchief, located with horns, will attract wealth, will make the house a full cup.
  • Good Scarab Talisman- This amulet comes from ancient Egypt. The scarab beetle was considered a saint in ancient Egyptian civilization and was one of the most revered mystical symbols. Therefore, the images of this insect were perceived not on a daily basis, but on a higher, divine level. Scarab personified changes, transformations, revival in another world. He also embodied the vital energy without which no one can exist. And, of course, good luck. And not only in matters of material wealth, but also in what we now call spiritual growth. Today it is easy to order a real amulet for success and prosperity, buy and wear it without the fear of energetic vampires, dark magic and destruction.
  • Strong talisman for success Rabbit leg- Only the hind leg of the animal can be used as an amulet. The magical amulet rabbit leg promotes success in business and material well-being. Also, if you dream of becoming a parent with many children, rabbit energy will help you fulfill your dream.
  • > Cat's eye belongs to the category of powerful amulets and amulets to succeed in everything; It is practically a universal magic item. That is why not only businessmen but also gamblers love to make money.
  • Success The Talisman Elephant- Pictures of these powerful, calm, noble animals bring success in any field of activity. The amulet in the form of an elephant figure symbolizes longevity and wisdom, promotes wealth and real financial prosperity. A pair of elephants with a raised suitcase represents hospitality and well-being in the hearth.
  • How to fit a lucky talisman
  • Home Amulet Key- Any key can become a magic amulet for success or a talisman to attract happy situations, depending on what ritual is performed with it. It could be an old key, or a key accidentally found on the road, or a key that you used once. Even from the "golden" key of the souvenir, you can make a powerful amulet to charge it with luck and luck. It is believed that such keys help unlock people's hearts, pave the way for enrichment, attract success in life and enhance health.

The key to the full moon can be used for money with the following magic words:

"The key is not simple, the key to the royal treasury. The key is mine, the lock is obedience, I want to come and get the gold too. I have to open the bins, close the boxes, do not allow naked and toothless poverty on the threshold. It will be like this. Amen. "

You can put the key of the money amulet in your wallet and always have it with you. Or you can go to a place where you save money.

And here is another available white magic ritual on how to make an amulet of luck and money at home.

Take the old lock and its key. Open and close a few times, then read the words conspiracy that will make money in your life:

”Here is the castle, the treasury with it. There my wealth is hidden, the key to the lock protects it. The castle is mine, I have the key, I manage the treasury, I own the money. Let it be so. "

Keep the lock where you keep your money. And take the key with you.

How to create a powerful amulet with your own hands to achieve success

If you are a little familiar with the independent use of magic rituals, then you will not have difficulty making an amulet with your own hands. There are many simple, reliable conspiracies and rituals in witchcraft rituals for home use. For example, you can knit a magic cord for you - to succeed in the amulet business. It is woven from colored threads, to be worn on the ankle of the left foot.

What to make a talisman of luck with your hands

This will help you become more successful and successful, will make it easier for you to fulfill your desires. Choose threads of colors that match your intention and the task you set for your amulet. You can take several colors or one.

  1. The green thread represents wealth.
  2. The red thread represents love.
  3. Yellow - Health and Blue Thread - Achieve goals.

When you make an amulet to succeed in life, weave it from colored threads, imagine a successful solution to the tasks that are in front of you at this time.

Black Magic of Nausea - Conspiracies for Amulet for Success and Happiness

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, the Nausa Magic Cross was created - a knot that a magician connects with a clearly defined intention. Scientific magic is incredibly simple and consists of many techniques that allow you to effectively achieve what you want with the help of strings. Scientific magic is based on the possibility of falling into the trance of any human being. Magic knots are real magic and are the basis of powerful techniques to attract success and wealth in your life. Using independent knot magic rituals, it is not difficult to make an amulet to succeed in life and succeed in business.


node is a symbol of your magic action. Subtle impact on physical flatness. It is also the wheel, the sign of your intention. The self-intention that a magician can touch. The practice of folk magic uses the simplest material on which you can tie a knot:

  • Leather bracelets,
  • animal veins,
  • plant stems,
  • ropes,
  • ribbons,
  • ribbons,
  • We reached out,
  • Lace, in a word, anything that can be tied.

Everyone who has made an amulet to succeed in business, has independently used the rituals of scientific magic, gives positive feedback about amazingly simple and equally amazingly effective magic talismans.

Make a powerful amulet and amulet for you to succeed in everything using nauz techniques.

Take a narrow strip of cowhide and put it on 3.

  1. On the first node, say the words of the magic conspiracy in anticipation of success: "So luck is with me in my deeds and thoughts. "
  2. On the second node, read the words of the conspiracy to succeed in business: "So it has always been so and faithful to my word. "
  3. On the third nausea, say the text of the spell to succeed in life: “Yes, neither good nor obvious luck can bring me luck. Let it be so. "

All three knots are woven with a double knot called a witch curse. Then this flap of skin is hidden at home, or carried with a talisman. You can sew nauss on clothes and wear them as a protective amulet.