How to make a talisman or amulet luck with your own hands - material selection, activation instructions

How to make an amulet for success with your own hands

Amulets for success are often completely random things, whether they are a found item or made by hand. Someone thinks of a special shaped stone as a mascot, someone believes that a stray kitten or puppy is a symbol of home protection.

However, many prefer to make a lucky charm with their own hands. In order for a product to be not only beautiful but also effective, a person needs to get more information about its manufacture.

zodiac sign talisman

The charm of success must be in line with the zodiac sign of the person for whom they are created. By following this rule, the talisman will not only look beautiful, but will work properly.

  1. The shape of the amulet for Aries should be round or square, orange or green.
  2. Taurus should wear amulets made of light ivory, ideally made of natural ivory.
  3. Gemini - lock with key. Colors: blue, white, light blue.
  4. Cancer is the golden moon.
  5. Lion - A golden round lion or golden eagle.
  6. A sculpture in light colors is suitable for virgins.
  7. The charm of the scales should be sculpted from natural materials and painted in silver.
  8. Scorpios - Red Scorpio or Red Frog.
  9. For Sagittarius - Bronze Arrow, Scarab or Horseman.
  10. Goat horns should have a gold-plated coin or ladder.
  11. Aquarius - any creature with wings, any color.
  12. For fish - blue fish, a shell with a hole in the middle.

Recommended talismans are hard to make at home, more often they are preferred to be bought in specialty stores or ordered by masters. After selecting the amulet correctly, you should start cleaning it.

Cleansing Talisman

What to make a talisman of luck with your hands

You can charm yourself with charm, you can order from a master, or find or buy. In any case, the object must be cleaned so that all the negative energy comes out on it. After that, we can talk about the amulet to achieve your goal.

Cleanup is done by any of the following methods:

  • Hold from dusk to dawn in salt water;
  • Catching on a window sill under full moonlight;
  • to spend in the holy water of Talizan and it is better to bless it in the temple;
  • buried in the ground for one day.

After these actions, amulet good luck, cleaned with your own hands, you have to talk.

Amulet Conspiracy - Good Luck

The manufactured item can be used to achieve any goal: health, wealth, love. However, the most common way to succeed is by conspiracy. After all, amulet attraction will bring more benefits to success. After such slander, fate presents only pleasant surprises, both in terms of love and money.

Conspiracy words:

"Now my talisman, my misfortune! I wish you good luck and good luck, problems and bad weather will take me. "

The topic is to talk about the rising moon on Sunday.

You can also use a specific tour to increase your success in a particular field. For example, Fehu rune will help to improve wealth.

Activate Talisman

After the spell, the amulet must be activated. There are several ways to do this and any of them will be effective.

The first way is to bury the amulet in salt and store it for seven days. Salt should be purchased specifically for this ritual.

Another way is to place the item in a grass bag. Will collect chamomile, mother, Tanzania and mint. Put in a secluded spot and take only on the tenth night.

The third way is more complicated. Four elements are used to activate it: fire, air, earth and water. If a person chooses this method, then he must strictly follow the instructions:

  1. You must prepare in advance for the activation ritual. Make sure no one pays attention. Move the animals to another room, turn off the phone.
  2. Buy four candles in any temple and collect holy water.
  3. Collect land around the four churches in the city. They should be placed in four directions - south, east, west and north. Collect the earth in different packages so as not to mix. Sign the packages.
  4. If the ritual is performed not only for success but also for money, you should make sure that they make a difference when buying candles in a church store. Choose the coin of the highest denomination from the trifles.
  5. After retirement, spread a new red cloth on the table. Pour the earth on the south side of the table to the south of the temple and to the north of the church to the north and so on. Sh.
  6. Put candles in the hills of the earth, light them. In the middle, place the talisman next to a glass of clear water. If the financial situation improves, a coin will be placed next to it.
  7. Say to each candle: "What I have said / said will be done. "You need to say the words so that the flame does not go out.
  8. After extinguishing the candles in a glass of water, place the amulet on each slide with soil. Then blow and wash it well with water.

After performing such a difficult ritual, you should be sure that the talisman for luck will do its job 100% with their own hands.

I recommend using this activation method in the most difficult cases: chronic lack of money, poor health, lack of love for more than seven years and more.