Imperial Amulet

Imperial amulet for good luck and prosperity

Imperial Amulet is a popular amulet that is effective when used properly. As soon as its owner buys this talisman, he starts to improve his life.

An amulet is a coin circulating in a certain historical period that is charged with the power of prayer and tells to a specific person. Its main task is to bring wealth to the owner.

What talisman is made of

The Imperial Amulet is made from old coins that were already in circulation, you can use any metal money. They should be bought in an honest way, i. e. should not be stolen, should not be paid for poor quality work and also they should not have been saved before by a person with unscrupulous thinking. Such coins already have a large charge of negative energy and will not be able to perform the function of an amulet.

Who needs an amulet

The imperial talisman will be used extensively in the following situations:

  • When it is necessary to increase your income;
  • serious competitors have emerged;
  • reduced business;
  • Disagreement has emerged in business;
  • had unexpected money problems and started recurring periodically;
  • decreased performance and fatigue.

The Imperial Amulet of Luck and Wealth solves these problems easily.

Talizan action

This coin-shaped amulet attracts the owner of material wealth, success, prosperity, luck and positive energy. Wearing it helps:

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  • successful career growth;
  • repayment of debt;
  • salary increase;
  • business well-being;
  • Good results with various cash deposits;
  • Unexpected receipt of money while inheriting and winning the lottery.

This gives the person who wears the amulet more confidence in their abilities. He will be able to achieve his goals more productively and successfully pursue his own interests. There are useful people in his life, with whom cooperation leads to an increase in income. There is an opportunity to make attractive deals and other exciting prospects.

Amulet Ownership Rules

We can not tell anyone about its existence, even the closest people and business partners. It cannot be passed on or used to other people, or even simply touched. For others you can not boast that wealth has increased and luck has come. Especially do not compare it to the existence of an imperial amulet in front of other people.

You need to keep the talisman clean, so it is advisable to buy a special case that is suitable for the size. It is advisable to always have it with you.

Talizan itself needs power supply, so you need to ask for help from time to time while holding hands. The best time to do this is in the evening, when the secondary thoughts go away and the main ones remain. This makes it possible to saturate the imperial amulet with energy, which will then be spent on ensuring the well-being of its owner.

sincere belief in it gives extra power to the action of the amulet. It can only affect the life of an honest person. You do not have to wait for the immediate solution of all problems and rely only on the action of Talizan. Success awaits the patron only if he makes a significant effort to do so. It is permissible to inherit such a talisman.

How to clean and charge an amulet

Initially, the talisman must be charmed by the white witch. On the top of the coin he utters the sacred words known to him. Over time, the magical properties of the amulet may be lost and need to be recharged. This can be done by the owner of the amulet, by holding a ceremony on it, in order to neutralize the negative energy accumulated in it.

In order for an imperial amulet to please its patron to fulfill its cherished desires, it must be cleaned and charged. At the same time, it seems to be gaining new strength. There is an exchange of energy.

There are different ways to perform a ritual. We can distinguish the sun ritual, which takes place in spring or summer. This should be done on a sunny day early in the morning. First you have to prepare a salt solution in water and add a little vinegar to it. This cleansing solution should be poured on the Imperial Amulet to wash away the dirt and negative energy accumulated from it.

Then place it on a horizontal flat surface. Turn the talisman every two hours until about noon. The activation peak occurs at four o'clock. After that, you should take the coin in your hand, go with it and turn north. Raise the talisman so that it is irradiated with sunlight. Inhale and then exhale slowly. Such a ritual of activating the imperial amulet is most in demand as it does not cause any particular difficulties.

There are other options as well. For example, the activation ritual is performed at midnight from Wednesday to Thursday. To do this, you need to light candles. Place the amulet on a horizontal surface, on a scarlet or red cloth so that it is illuminated by moonlight. Then you have to think. Imagine a goal in which an amulet can help you. Ask God for help in your prayers to give the amulet the power to do so. After the ceremony, wrap the amulet in a cloth and place it under the pillow. In the morning it should be put in your wallet.

How to make an amulet with your own hands

This requires the purchase of a suitable coin.

Your own hand-made imperial amulet is especially powerful. To do this, you must follow the mandatory rules. In particular, the right day on which the plan is to be completed must be selected.

To be financially successful in business, you need to choose midweek, specifically Wednesday. If a career is important, Sunday is a good time for that, as this day is in the sunny yard. Ideal if Sunday coincides with a full moon. The lunar phase of epilation is also suitable.

You need to take care of the atmosphere around you. The atmosphere should be calm and serene. For relaxation, you can play relaxing music and light scented candles.

You need to listen to your thoughts. All negatives must be eliminated and replaced with positive ones. It is especially important to think about what effect you want to get from Talizan. No need to distract unnecessary thoughts. There must be a sense of joy and a sense of well-being. You need to visualize your life in detail, after the amulet shows its protection.

If the coin is to be worn on the neck or wrist key ring, you can pre-drill a hole in the center. But this is not mandatory. You can also sign the coin with red thread. The coin-launching ceremony must then be performed. These actions should be performed in complete solitude, even without the participation of people close to you whom you trust. After that, it becomes a personal amulet designed to succeed and succeed in all matters.

When making an amulet yourself, some of the energy will be wasted. You can fill it up by drinking a cup of strong coffee and eating a piece of dark chocolate.